Frozen fingers crack. Spring thaw awakens. Winter's chill fades. Flowers bloom anew. Wheat fields rise. Crooked figures creak. Green shoots climb amongst eager limbs. A murder of crows. Pecking. Jabbing. Lifeless eyes patiently bide their time. -o- Breaking free from tormented ice shackles. Flora and fauna. Bone and sinew. Oppressive dark skies expose hungry mouths. [...]

Blood, Sweat & Stars

An insane drummer hammered inside his chest. B-boom. B-boom. B-boom. Sticky blood rolled down tired fingers. Golden sand defiled from his last stand. Ragged breath rushed over his dry chapped lips. His lungs were sacks of burning coals. Vinegar sweat stung his harrowed blue eyes. Silence devoured the dunes. 0 An orgy of flesh lay [...]