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Help! I’ve got Zombie fingers!

Apologies dear blog reader, I should have warned you before hurting your eyes with such a gross photo! The hot humid weather here in the UK has left me with a disgusting dose of itchy eczema yet again. I hate my fingers in the summer. They look like I’ve stuck them in the jar marked LEPROSY! DO NOT TOUCH! Every time we get a spot of hot weather those tell-tale bubbles appear on my skin and pretty soon the itchy scratchy feeling starts.

I resist. I really do.

But the skin just pops and cracks all by itself without any help from me. I feel sick just looking at that photo. Last August I wrote about my zombie skin and how it seems to relish in hurting me – Eczema – Itchy Nightmare – and had some wonderful comments about how to ease the pain.

Is there a cure?

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Eczema – Itchy nightmare!

Eczema, how I hate thee!

A quick post to share my hatred of eczema. I haven’t included any photos, not even a reference from Wikipedia, because the pictures are so gross! Up until about 5 years ago I was a normal person, but then the evil Mr Eczema showed up and started eating my fingers! At first it was a small section on my index fingers, no more than a slight irritation, but every summer it has got worse. Several times since early May the rash has popped up with angry vengeance, how I hate it.

Last week it arrived with a particularly nasty plan, it seems the eczema beast wants to chew off my fingers and make me look like a leper! The Leper Look is in this season, right? My index fingers are sore all the time, even the slightest bit of water makes them sting like I’ve been bitten by a hundred pissed off insects. And to make matters worse it has spread to include my thumbs and middle fingers.

Oh and now a couple of small patches have arrived on my knuckles!

I’ve had some cream from the doctor, Betnovate I think it’s called. I teeny little tube with a suggested “apply 3 times a day” plan on the side. It lasts about 3 days and even then it doesn’t actually do much. It soothes my skin a little but doesn’t stop it from stinging.

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