Writing Tips Wednesday – Are your characters believable?

Every Wednesday I’ll be sharing some hints and tips about how to improve your writing. These are basic things I have learned over the years, from writers websites, published authors and constructive feedback from friends, family and online pals. There is an argument that fiction writing cannot be taught because it comes from talent alone, [...]

Story Bounce! Tell your story!

This is an experimental idea and it involves you! I was inspired by my own post The Tandem Story. I'd like to see if a complete story can be created purely by visitors to this post. I'm sure this has been done elsewhere and I want to find out how the process works. Some companies [...]

Character creation

Character creation has always been incredibly fascinating, how and why certain characters are who they are, what their purpose is, where have they come from/going to. Storylines, plots, subplots, settings etc are necessary but without characters to move through and experience a world of make-believe, that story can seem lifeless. I remember a time when [...]