Story Bounce! Tell your story!

Story Bounce 2011 ChallengeThis is an experimental idea and it involves you!

I was inspired by my own post The Tandem Story. I’d like to see if a complete story can be created purely by visitors to this post. I’m sure this has been done elsewhere and I want to find out how the process works.

Some companies adopt interesting methods for training their staff. I remember one where a small red ball was thrown amongst the trainees and when someone caught it they had to state a fact or add another line to an ever evolving story.It’s a very good ice breaker. Story telling is as old as…well, something really old.

I imagine a time where the setting sun would drive folks indoors. After a good meal they would sit around a fire, drinking ale or mead or Pepsi, telling tales and thriving on the company of their families and friends. Stories mostly come at night…mostly.

Let’s adopt that concept here.

Ignore your PC. Ignore the world around you. Picture yourself in good company, sharing in the creation of a new tale. You listen and wait until your turn comes. Everyone watches you as your words spin imaginative characters and worlds for others to enjoy. When your turn ends you wait anxiously for the next person to build on your creation, to find out what the next twist in the tale will be.

Can you feel that? The magic and wonder of story telling is far from dead!

So, the idea is that you read through what has been written by other visitors then add the next scene. With any luck it will build up a story with twists & turns, heroes & villains, plots and sub plots and other assorted literary happy fun times!

Hopefully this simple exercise will help get those creative juices flowing for your own posts.

Sounds like a fun and interesting idea, right? My brain is just oozing with creative anticipation with the possibilities, however, I am well aware that in a few months from now this page might resemble the classic American ghost town, complete with lonesome chiming bell and tumble weeds rolling across the page.

Okay, now let’s set some guide lines.

1. Keep it interesting! Changes to the story must make some kind of sense and relate to the previous one.

2. Try not to put links in you comment, keep the story flowing.

3. Add something new whenever you want!

4. Keep it short-ish, we’re not looking for a 10,000 word novella, just enough to put your mark on the story.

5. Have fun, be creative, try to mould the story the way you want!

6. If you post articles on your blog related to the StoryBounce2011 Challenge, help drive a little traffic to the  collaborators by adding the #storybounce2011challenge tag to your posts.

For those who want to take part I’ve created some badges you can display on your blog.

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Let’s get started shall we?

I’ll kick things off with an opening scene, something purely off the top of my head.

‘Twas a cold and stormy night on the Foxhearth Coastline. Boon Castle sat on a bluff overlooking the fierce waves. Despite its lonely and forbidding appearance the castle was a warm and lively place filled with colourful characters. The mouth-watering smell of the evening feast drifted from the kitchen. Alice and Harry, heirs to the Thrown of Boon, were telling each other ghost stories in their bedroom. They giggled with every new twist to their tale and yelped with shock and laughter as they frightened one another.

In the dining hall Catherine the Cook rang the dinner gong. Alice & Harry jumped at the sudden noise – a window had blown open in their bedroom and the fury of the storm swept inside, bringing with it a….

To be continued…by you!



77 thoughts on “Story Bounce! Tell your story!

  1. grabbed the garlic wreath from his neck. She pulled her arm back to throw it at the lycanthrope, but Harry yelled “No! that’s for Vampires!”. Thinking it couldn’t hurt to try, Alice through it anyway. To her, and the werewolf’s, surprise, it…

  2. …hobgoblin dressed in a Grateful Dead t-shirt. The strange greenish blueish creature blinked in surprised at it’s sudden manifestation and said…

  3. “Gaarh! You ungrateful brats! Is that any way to greet your dear old Grandpa, dead these many years?”

    The children, wrinkled their noses curiously at the malformed beast.

    “You know,” said Harry. “There IS something about the eyes.”

    Alice, ever the pragmatist, cut to the chase.

    “Make it quick, Gramps. It’s dinner time.”

    “Fear not, my sweets. My time here is brief. I bring you a warning, from one heir to the next.”

    His eyes shifted warily across the room.

    “Beware! Beware the…”

  4. “Oh my I can share some of my own stories too”, but he added with an extra nasty bit of twang, “folklore can come to life sometimes too”!

  5. Cook, she’s not what she seems.” He coughed and looked sideways. “The proof is in the pudding…” And with that cryptic remark he jumped back out the window into the storm torn night.

  6. Alice started shaking. She fell into Harry’s arms. “What just happened? Harry jumped up and closed the window. The shutters were banging shut from the wind that was howling outside….or was it something else howling outside. Just then the room went cold. She turned around and saw…….

  7. “Does that mean Cook made pudding? I hate that stuff,” Harry pouted as they escaped into the hallway.

    “This is no time to think of food!” Alice shouted. If Grandpa could come back from the dead, wearing The Dead, anything was possible.

    “What should we do?” Harry asked, his voice shaking.

    Before Alice could answer…

  8. Catherine the Cook appeared at the end of the hall, stirring a pot of rust-colored mush that smelled of belly button lint.

    “Where’s the my extra garlic?” she asked the shaken children.

    Harry looked down for the garlic wreath around his neck and recoiled in horror at the . . .

  9. “Get that awful smelling stuff out of here. You’re trying to poison us. We know you’re evil. We know you want to kill us so you can steal the fortune our grandfather left us
    but . . .”

  10. Horrible slimy slithery creature that his garlic had turned into. He ripped it from around his throat…a strange gurgling sound erupted from his lips as he sank slowly to the ground……”Harry” Alice cried in panic, rushing to his side” What has happened”?

  11. and just then Hector arrives to save the day. Hector is a man of honor and casts a spell……

  12. but his screams are nothing compared to the wild yelling of Catherine the cook! “Oh NO!” she screeched, “it’s happening again! I thought…

  13. -they were gone last time! Catherine the Cook ran to the window and opened it up. The sky was filled with furious winds of rain as the sky lit up with lightening. In the distance, Catherine the Cook saw black shadowy figures approaching with red glowing eyes. Cathering the Cook turned around and……

  14. … you will be turned out into the stormy night by the evil Greeble who has had an unatural hold over this family since the time of your great great great great grandfather Albert who …

  15. …first fought the Greeble. Adorned with wreaths of rotting onions and withered tripe (whew!), he stood on Boon Hill (above the farm where the apple mead is made 😉 and repelled the beast from the lands! But, now is the time of the Greeble’s return; and, you must…

  16. …Hagatha The Wizened. She was a beautiful witch once long ago but her greed for dark (and often quite dull) magic has left her crooked and evil (well, mischievous at best) with only revenge to keep her sanity in check.

    “We’re doomed,” cried Catherine the Cook.

    “Who will save me?” Alice howled.

    “Us.” Harry prompted his sister with a sour look. “Who will save US?”

    Before Alice could reply the evil Greeble hobbled over to Catherine the Cook and dunked his face in her cooking pot of belly button lint soup and…

  17. Alice zapped the Greeble with a bolt of green lightening she flung from her fingertips.

    The Greeble howled in pain as he (it? who can tell with Greebles?) was flung back and crumpled into a ball.

    “I’ve got a bit of the wizard genes in me, too,” cried Alice.

    “Wow, you acutally turned it into a ball, a bright shiney bouncy-looking ball,” Harry said.

    Catherine, sputtering belly lint soup cried out,”No Harry don’t touch that Greeble ball or …”

  18. “…you’ll be turned into Greeble-Junior! That’s exactly what they want you to do!”

    Harry’s hand was inches from the Greeble ball. He stared up at Catherine the Cook. “Who are they?” he asked.

    Catherine the Cook took a deep breath and said…

  19. … scratch across his chest. Three large gashes that he did not feel, was not sure how they appeared and didn’t know what it meant. Alice began to cry, “Did old Grandpa do that or was it the cook instead?”

    “I don’t know,” Harry whimpered, “but does this mean that I will….”

  20. get into Harvard? Because I’ve already heard from Columbia and Princeton. Of course, I did ask Cook to mail that Harvard application, and I never received a Delivery Confirmation on it. I have to get out of Boon, though, so even Princeton will do, if necessary.

  21. “’They’ are the Sojuru, a power-hungry clan banished from the kingdom centuries ago after attacking and pillaging many provinces. They use these Greebles as the foot soldiers in their quest to seize control of this world and seek to expand their army by turning children like yourself. I’ve not seen a Greeble since I was about your age; I’d hoped they’d given up after being driven back during their last assault, but it seems the Sojuru may be coming out of their docile state once again. They must have been plotting something in all that time. We must…”

  22. go now. “Hurry, Alice and Harry! We have to reach Brighton by tomorrow morning. If we don’t, Harry will turn into a Greeble forever. We have to get a magic portion which can only be found in the _____ “

  23. “Fear not,” said Alice. “Even a witch cannot face the dread Amulet of Boon. We will take it f and wave it at anyone who stands in our way!”
    “What in heck is the Amulet of Boon?” asked Harry.
    “It’s the dusty thing hidden by our Granduncle King Boon the Four and a halfth, in the bottom of the grandfather clock in the hall.”
    “That? That’s a dead tarantula,” said Harry.
    “But it sure bears garlic,” said Alice.

  24. Oh but I do not like garlic “said harry with some grin on his face “and you trully should clean up this place he continued.
    “Alice yawned and just raised her hand up.

  25. Harry stared at her. “WHAT are you talking about? Five toed what?” He felt lost. She whirled about, dead arachnid in hand, causing him to leap backwards a bit to quickly.
    “You daft git, what are you on about. I didn’t say anything. Come on” she insistently pulled his sleeve. Reluctantly, he followed.

  26. Together they entered the dungeon at Boon Castle. It was dark and dank. You could smell the evil that pervaded the dungeon.
    harry shivered in fright . He knew that the unspeakable was here with them.
    Alice waved….

  27. … the dead arachnid at two eyes glowing in the corner. “Do you see that Harry?”

    “Do you smell that Alice?” The slowly approached the corner to discover….

  28. …the grandfather clock that once stood proudly in the hall. Someone had moved it, someone had changed it and now the gummy bear was munching on the gummy worms that slithered out of the bottom of the grandfather clock.

    “Hurry!” Alice said. “Stick your hand inside and grab the Amulet of Boon.”

    “No way,” replied Harry. The gummy bear looked angry by the sudden disturbance. “I’m not going near that thing.”

    “Don’t be such a wuss,” Alice snapped. “The gummy bear is made of candy. He won’t harm you.”

    Harry didn’t want anything to do with any more plot twists but they needed that amulet. He took a deep breath and pushed his hand through the pile of gummy worms and inside the grandfather clock.

    Suddenly the clock…

  29. …chimed 3 a.m. causing Harry to jump and hit his head.
    “Harry, are you alright?” Alice asked, her voice shaky.

    “Yes, I’m fine, I just need to get that amulet.” Harry stretched a little further and finally closed his fingers around the amulet. As he began pulling it out he felt…

  30. …a smooth, silky set of five fingers massage his arm. He enjoyed the sensation (picturing a drop-dead gorgeous babe inside the clock) until he was violently tugged and squeezed into the gradfather clock.

    “Harry! I’m coming,” Alice screeched as she tried jumping in after him but with no success.

    She now stood outside the clock, wondering what happened to Harry.

  31. Alice stared at the grandfather clock in shock. Where had Harry vanished to? How was she going to find him? Why was the gummy bear arranging gummy worms on the dungeon floor?

    To her surprise the gummy bear used gummy worms to spell out…

  32. … “It is too late.” Alice clenched her jaw in determination. It was not to late, she was going after Harry! Besides, they needed the amulet.

    She took a deep breath, feeling a little woozy from the sugary stench of gummy worms eaten by gummy bear, then stepped inside the clock.

    To her surprise she discovered…

  33. That Harry had grabbed a handful of gumies and begun to leave a trail. Where it led she had no idea, but at the end of it was Harry & the amulet. Alice braced herself.

  34. Alice pushed through whispering meshes of spider webs into the land of Boontling where she spied two gummy worms slithering across the discarded apron of Catherine.

    The purple gummy began to sizzle and curl around a knob of beechwood on a….

  35. delicately embroidered apron pocket. Alice stood there for a while marvelling at the sheer irony of it all – a purple gummy worm coiling about on a piece of art so beautful…

  36. Harry and grandpa were trapped in the painting.. The key to freeing them from the painting was in the purple gummy worm.

  37. a muddy, rain-soaked vine, torn from the bog below. To Alice’s delight, three or four small slug clung to the log, shaken but still alive from their frequent-flyer flight through the night and into the castle. Harry, grumpy at this inconvenience which would make him late for his supper, kicked at the vine to get it off the rug, at which point he spotted the slugs and let forth a scream loud enough to be heard by the serfs below, as they slopped through the mud for cover near the moat.

  38. ღ˚ •。* ♥ ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* 。 ღ˛° 。* °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚ .ღ 。
    *˛˚ღ •˚ ˚…just sprinkling a little Love on your Blog˚ ✰* ★
    ˚. ★ *˛ ˚♥* ✰。˚ ˚ღ。* ˛˚ ♥ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ღ ˚ 。✰ •* ˚ ♥”

  39. Suddenly, Alice’s blood froze. The grumpy talismanic bear had magically vanished but Alice could see the worms arranging themselves into a fresh set of words….”REMEMBER THE OLD SAYING”

  40. “What old saying?” asked Alice.

    The gummy worms slithered.


    “But that doesn’t make any sense!” Alice cried.


    Alice was being mocked by gummy worms. She turned and ran back to the castle. In the Great Hall she searched for the oldest painting, The Boon & The Green Goat. It depicted a time long forgotten where the first master of the great castle, Igor Boon, had wrestled with the Green Goat before it could kick down the gates to the moat.

    In the painting, behind Igor Boon, on a windswept hillside, Alice saw Harry. Some how he had been magically transported into the painting.

    Alice looked down at the Amulet of Boon.

    “This is never going to work,” she said to herself.

    Nevertheless she held the amulet up near the painting and closed her eyes. There was the sound of…

  41. …a goat. Just then she realized she was also transported into the painting.
    Alice saw Harry and ran toward him, but before she could reach him, Igor Boon stopped her. Alice started to scream for Harry, but Harry was to far away to hear. When Igor got her to be quiet, he took her away to a…

  42. ….strange and unfamiliar part of the castle, she was frogmarched along hallowed halls to her surprise which she had never seen before.

    She stared in wonder at the women she saw patrolling the area, garbed in the outfits of nuns but bearing none of their civility, they looked at her with malevolence. It was clear to Alice that something was brewing in their minds.

    She started to call out with repugnance….

  43. “Brew not that mental beer, my bubs,
    or you will rue the day
    that I walked through these airy halls
    and drained that brew away.
    For tho you look like holy dames
    your aims are clear to see –
    you wish to to frame us all
    and hang us in your gallery.
    But I’ll outwit you yet, you’ll see,
    I am a feminist,
    and now you’ve got me all uptight –
    I’m well and truly pissed!’

    And with that she…

  44. The dastardly nun! Bravery had never been her strong suit but the glowing amulet around the nuns neck beckoned her. She had to have it! She dove directly at the nun reaching out with all her might to grab the glowing pendant but to her surprise….

  45. ..a gruesome wad of gummies down the front of her dress. These mocking, gooey worms were more vicious than the others, and made horrid comments about their mother.

  46. the ghost of great great great great grandfather Albert Boon, holding the ghost of the Amulet of Boon, which wickered flickeringly with a weird and wondrous wiggle of smoking wampum which wore down the gruesome wad of gummies until they were nothing but a pile of ash on the floor.
    “Now,” said the ghost, “…

  47. but her mind was racing with the visions of the auras around her, and she scrambled to understand what she had just heard.
    Nothing made sense anymore. Vague memories of Cook & garlic scented slithering creatures somehow connected her to this scene.
    Feeling her way, as if through a fog, Alice……

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