The Quest for Zombie Art

It's been almost a year since I published The Range on Amazon. Considering I've spent zero time and cash on promotion the sales have been okay. I guess. I've had a few reviews that have pleased me with their honesty. Indeed the first run had a few irritating typo's and errors which I hastened to [...]

Meet My Character Blog Tour

Fellow Wordsmith Sarah Potter at SarahPotterWrites has tagged me in the Meet My Character Blog Tour, which is pretty damn fabulous! It's been almost a month since I last posted anything, and I cry your pardon dear blog reader, as I've been busy stepping through Imaginationland crafting The Holt, the follow-up to my novel, The [...]

The Next Big Thing

I'm honoured to be tagged in The Next Big Thing blog hop by PiP at Piglet In Portugal - and offer my thanks for considering me worthy of being tagged. As is the way with various types of blog tagging, the person tagged simply answers 10 questions about them and then suggest others to do [...]