Wordgasm, NaNoWriMo style!


Here’s the thing about writers, even when they’re not engaged in the blissful and intimate act of undressing their words on the screen, they’re still writing. They write when doing the dishes, driving a car or walking the dog. For the writer the physical act of writing is merely the culmination of their craft.

The gates to Imaginationland are always open, and entry is free with your ‘What If…?’ pass. I’m a big fan of The Zone, though it can be an elusive place as the map of Imaginationland is forever changing, The Zone isn’t necessarily where you remember or hope to find it.

But when you do… Oh man, it’s the best ride ever!

The Zone.

This is where gateways between brain and screen dissipate. Ideas flow from your noggin straight to the screen (or paper if you prefer elegance) in an effortless stream as if your brain has become one with the words that appear before you. You don’t think about how every word you lay down seems to fit, you simply know.

You may have struggled to control those words before The Zone whisked you away. Infuriating words were cut, pasted, crossed out, and entire chunks deleted. You may have scratched your head and cursed the hurdles for slowing you down.

But then you hit your stride.

You’re no longer thinking of the next hurdle because you’re flying over each one with grace.

Your thoughts are fluid and streamlined.

The deeper you delve into The Zone, the words come thick and fast.

Adrenaline pumps through you.

Your brain sizzles as if given a Word Elixir.

You’re right there, stood beside your characters, sensing everything they do.

The world seems to drop away and all that matters is you and those beautiful words dancing before your eyes.

Everything you are exists in that moment to create something from nothing.

The Wordgasm.

The zenith of The Zone is the Wordgasm. After pouring every last shred of energy into The Zone, you’re rewarded with a rush of emotions – accomplishment, satisfaction, joy and amazement. Your heart rate slows and your breathing eases off as you marvel at what you’ve achieved.

Grin big, dear blog reader, you’ve earned it.

Simple things in life should be enjoyed with equal measure to those fraught with complications.

Achievements, no matter how small, are worthy of a grin, a woop, a Tweet or even a victory dance. The Wordgasm is your reward for believing in the power of Imaginationland and your quest to find The Zone.

That high can have far-reaching effects. Your mood from that single moment can send ripples of positivity across the pond of your life, impacting those around you.

A Wordgasm is a powerful thing indeed.

Embrace it. Share it. Pay it forward.

And so to NaNoWrimo.

For 2 years I’ve participated in NaNo and reached the end with 50k and change. I was hesitant to enter in 2013 as I’m working on the current edit of my novel, The Range. It seems I’ve been working on this project forever. Friends have nagged me to finish it, put it out there, let people read it for God’s sake!

I guess I’ll always find something to improve upon, a tweaked bit of dialogue here, adjustment to pace there and the odd word adjusted to improve the flow. It’ll be finished soon enough.

I decided I would crank out some words for this years NaNo. It’s only 1,667 words per day after all. How hard can it be?

This word right here is number 589 in this post alone, so I figure I can churn out enough for NaNo and still edit The Range. I’ve been kicking an idea around for a while – a few notes here and there, plot twists, characters etc, perhaps not a fully developed story but I do have a beginning, middle and an end.

My 2013 NaNo project is called Truthjacker.

For all you NaNo wordsmiths out there who want to share your writing passion you can find me on the NaNoWriMo2013 community on Google+.

In previous years I designed a NaNo calendar, and though it’s a bit late I’ve got a new one for 2013. Share it with your pals if you like! Click it to make it big.


Since the posters and flyers for NaNo 2013 were of a retro arcade pixel style I thought I’d emulate that theme with a Super Mario Bros style calendar.

I’m off to seek The Zone.

Best of luck, fellow writer, whether you’re caught up in the NaNoWriMo frenzy or working on your own project.

Write well and enjoy your Wordgasms!

5 thoughts on “Wordgasm, NaNoWriMo style!

  1. I just can’t write that quickly. One month to churn out 55K would do my head in, and cause a divorce! It has taken me eleven months to have something of 82K in length ready for my beta readers. That’s the fastest I can go, and it has given me total brain ache. Finally, I have a breather. No, that’s a joke. I’m going to start writing my synopsis and query letters while waiting on my beta readers. Why don’t us writers ever give ourselves a break?

    Best of luck, Dave — both with NaNoWriMo 2013, and with your edits of The Range.

    1. Thanks Sarah! Writer’s are both enemies and champions of their own work. There must be plenty out there who bite off way more than they can chew, and I’m one of them. Previous NaNo’s have been a blast, and whilst I am enjoying it this year I’m feeling somewhat fatigued by it and will be glad when I cross the finish line.

      When The Range hit 110k words I thought I was finished, and yet I’ve managed to add an extra 30k words during my current edit. It’s my hope they do indeed add to the story and don’t come across as filler.

      Good for you for hitting 82k! Ouch, synopsis writing is something I don’t enjoy. Wish you the best of luck.

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