Norfolk Attractions – Art Café

Art Cafe - Glandford, Holt, NorfolkToday I had the pleasure of visiting Norfolk’s latest attraction, Art Café. Now before I get into flow about how amazing this place is, I urge anyone living or on holiday in the East of England or Norfolk to add this to their list of spots to visit. You won’t be disappointed!

Art Café is run by Roo Sangster-Bullers, Marc Sangster-Bullers and David Lane, gracious hosts who’ll offer you a warm welcome the moment you step inside.

You’ll find it in Glandford, Holt, a stone’s throw from dozens of beaches and a plethora of quaint sea-side villages. The grand opening was held on March 24th and was very successful, indeed as we arrived today it was bustling with customers.

After munching through a red onion and cheddar cheese scone (amazingly tasty!) washed down with a bottle of ice-cold diet coke (embedded in a sea of ice cubes) I asked the owners, family friends, if I could take some photos and write a post about their wonderful new venture.

Yes of course!

I’m more than happy to help spread the word and encourage anyone within travelling distance to head on over to savour the gorgeous food, stunning art and enjoy the warm welcome.

I was that impressed I started writing this the moment I arrived home!

First Impressions

Art Cafe, Glandford, Holt.Art Café is visually appealing and its bold colours are eye-catching from the road. The sun beamed down as we arrived and there was plenty of parking space. I loved the outdoor seating, crisp yellow set against the blue shop front.

The board outside was cheerful and inviting. Once inside I was surprised at the size, it has something of a Tardis effect going on, bigger on the inside – and feels warm and welcoming the moment you open the door.

As you might expect from the name, there be art inside! From paintings to hand crafted pottery, plush soft furnishings and much more. The owners are keen to support and showcase local artists and you’ll find plenty of inspired craft work from the local area.

Here’s a couple of shots of the artwork on display.

Art Cafe, Glandford, Holt.

Art Cafe, Glandford, Holt.

The Food!

The food at Art Café is mouth-watering to say the least! After grinning through a red onion and cheddar scone I was drawn to a cute Red Velvet Cup Cake. Worth every penny! It was delicious! Moist, tasty, and the topping was like popping a tiny morsel of heaven in my mouth!

There are plenty of cakes to choose from but Art Café also has a wide selection of tea’s and coffee’s along with a breakfast and lunch menu. One thing I especially approve of is the owners dedication to sourcing locally grown produce as far as possible. I can’t vouch for the tea or coffee, and assume these are grown in other countries, but 99% of the food is grown in the local area. It is scrummy stuff!

Art Café, Glandford, Holt.

Warm & Friendly

We spent about an hour at Art Café savouring the tasty delights and enjoying the comfortable surroundings. I came away with the impression that it will do very well, certainly with the summer holidays just around the corner. I envisage plenty of families and tourists stopping by to grab a bite to eat, either on their way to the many local beaches or just to admire the art and enjoy some of the yummy food!

Art Café, Glandford, Holt.Something that caught my eye was the salt dish on the tables. No sachets of mass-produced junk. No spoon either. The cool way to drop some salt on your food was to use half a mussel shell. I love this. Environmentally friendly and a very memorable bit of detail.

An interesting and unexpected thing was the wood stove in the corner. The weather in the UK is quite changeable and the addition of the warm glow of the stove was an excellent idea. I can imagine many a chilled visitor defrosting by the burner, mug of soup or tea in hand, enjoying the gentle heat before they head out to explore more of the countryside.


Whilst Art Café is a baby the owners have some fantastic ideas for the future, ranging from art classes, plays, concerts, themed exhibits and much more. There’s a large board with notices of coming events and local attractions.

Overall Impressions

I wasn’t sure what to expect before I arrived but I found a warm and friendly place to relax, enjoy the art, sample local delightful food and chat with the owners. I left with a sense of calm and refreshed to continue my travels to the beach. This is certainly worth putting on your list of places to visit!

Art Café, Glandford, Holt.

How to find Art Café.

Art Café,
Manor Farm,
NR25 7JP

Open Monday – Saturday 9:30am to 6pm – Sundays 9:30am to 5pm.

Click here to view their website.

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  1. Looks like a place I’d love to visit for scones and coffee – and a good book, of course.

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