Benji’s Ball Time!

Want to see a very happy dog playing with a brand new squeaky toy?

Sure you do! Keep reading, dear blog reader, and you’ll see happy squeaky time in action!

Squeaky dog toys don’t last very long in our house. After a couple of weeks of serious play time by Ben, his new toy, a Kong Air Ball, has been stripped of its bright yellow skin and is reduced to a considerably less jolly mucky black rubber thing. It’s at this point that Tilly, our resident Orang-utan Ninja, decides the squeaking has gone on long enough. She takes the Kong from Ben in order to have a quiet word with it.

She’ll chew out the squeaker while poor Ben stands there and watches, tail half wagging, not sure why Tilly isn’t playing. Ben wants to play all the time and the puzzled look on his face, as she chews his once beautiful toy, is both comical and sorrowful. After Tilly has thoroughly interrogated the Kong she chews it into tiny pieces and leaves Ben to stare in disbelief at the mess.

Poor Benji!

Both dogs love toys but they have different opinions about the concept of playtime.

Ben runs, fetches, chases, growls, whines, bounces around, chuffs and yelps with his helicopter tail whizzing round and round. Bouncy! Happy! Play! Play!

Tilly has a similar approach although for her, toys are there to be chewed into tiny pieces.

Post Destroyed Squeaky Ball Syndrome.

After a few days without a happy ball to play with, Ben will look around for something else to play with. I can be watching TV and he’ll drop a bit of scrap cloth in my lap, or the remains of an ex-ball. With pleading eyes he stares up at me. “Please? I know it’s not a bright yellow ball but it’ll be okay, right?”

I try to be enthusiastic but watching a dog running to fetch a bit of rag that doesn’t bounce or squeak is quite sad.

The answer?

“To the Pet Store!”

And the joy on Ben’s face is worth every penny of the £1 for a brand new Kong Air Ball! So check out this short video clip to see the happiest dog in the world! Oh, and by the way, those noises…those are his happy noises!

7 thoughts on “Benji’s Ball Time!

  1. My dog has some soft toys called ‘Woodland Friends’ and has managed not to destroy any of their squeakers. I carry a spare squeaker in my pocket in the park and have trained canine to come to it. Squeakers are great, if they survive (unless you have a headache).

    Would your pooch like to ‘write/dictate’ a post as a guest blogger on my dog’s site ( It will give her a chance to tell tales on you. How about a post on proofing your kennel against zombie dogs?

    1. The video I recorded was over 5 minutes long, he didn’t stop bouncing and squeaking away, but it would have taken a long time to upload that length of video so I had to cut it down. He sure does love a new squeaker!

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