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On the way home from work today my thoughts wandered through various topics. I pondered where the next chapter of my NaNoWriMo novel would take me, how fellow Wrimo’s were getting on with their writing challenge, what I would write about on my own blog other than about writing, and why the car in front of me had been indicating left for the last 3 miles.

After said car finally turned right, yeah I know, made me shake my head with bafflement too, I thought I’d blog about other blogs for a change. Most evenings I sit down to write but spend an hour reading through my email notifications, checking out other blogs and making comments etc.

Sadly I don’t have enough time to leave all the comments I would like, a shame because I read some outstanding posts every day. So why not remedy that fact and share a few of them with you, dear blog reader! Day light’s a wastin’ (well it’s actually gone now) so let’s get cracking!

Merry Farmer

No relation, except for cool name! I’ve been reading Merry’s blog for a while now although when I first clicked my way there I didn’t see anything all that fascinating. However, I’m glad I returned because she has a way of dumping the boring stuff about history and getting right to the dirty nitty-gritty.

Recently she’s written a series of posts about the 14th century and why, if you had a time machine, you certainly wouldn’t want to go there. Although considering how she writes about it I wouldn’t mind popping along if Marty McFly happened to stop by my house in his DeLorean. Well, maybe I’d avoid the whole plague issue, but certainly to see the peasants working their land and how the Pope Clement V refused to move to Rome, preferring to stay in France instead.

She gives the reader a wonderful insight into what history was really like, and not the junk churned out by Hollywood. I loved History at school and so I thank Merry for her wonderful tell it like it is style of History. Huzzah!

I forget to mention her book, The Loyal Heart, available on I have yet to read it as my budget is extremely tight at the moment, but it is indeed on my reading list!


Brenda, or Just Bren as her WP blog used to be called, recently made the move to her own hosted site where she had flourished like a glorious techno-flower! I have in fact asked her if men are allowed to comment on her blog, given its title. She assures me a man’s perspective is always welcome! As with her WP blog, Men-O-Whaaaaat? continues Brenda’s journey in the mid-life and the “what?” after.

Recent posts include the hilarious Three More Stores and no Luck, her quest to find a suitable outfit, not just for her school reunion but just any damn outfit that suits her personality, not just her age. And then there’s Bitches are Crazy, a great post that will speak to all none teen or 20something’s out there, especially those with distaste for the herds of giggling teenage girls strutting their booteh through the local mall as if they own it.

Bren also manages Four Legged Mom, a blog devoted to her furbaby and adorable Pitbull, Titan. It’s well worth checking out, certainly if you want to know the truth behind the absurd “Oooh Pitbull’s, er…aren’t they like, really dangerous?” bullshit urban myths.

Granny1947’s Blog

Don’t let the title put you off. This is one seriously cool Granny! I never tire of reading her blog. Granny has a unique sense of humour and a very keen eye for taking gorgeous photographs, the beach scenes are my personal favourite.

Like so many of the blogs I read, Granny is yet another who tells it like it is. She doesn’t hold back. Has an amazingly simple and direct approach to writing her posts, almost poetic in style. And always colourful, both in language and photos.

Become a regular reader and you’ll learn all sorts of interesting and funny stuff!

Poetry & Zombie’s

Now I love zombies. They’re awesomely scary. I know that sounds cheesy but hey, everyone should have a soft spot for the undead. April Denton has brought new meaning to the zombie genre by combing her passion for zombies with poetry, and fiction. Even coining the strange new genre of Zombierotica. Gruesome, twisted stuff but strangely compelling!

I look forward to each new email update because there’s always a quote of the day from a famous author. I didn’t know so many writers had that much to say on the subject of writing. Inspiring stuff. April has also succeeded in creating her own zombie army, or Zweep Army. Twitter users, known as Tweeps, stick a bit of zombie in there, hey presto, Zweep. This project has united zombie fans on Twitter under the stream #zweep. If you have anything to say on the subject of zombies, head there right now!

Yada Yada Fishpaste

This is a strange blog, but so so cool. Liane de Witt (also a seriously cool name) has recently been on an epic journey. The classic road trip. From Kansas to Pennsylvania. Oh sure, another travelblog, not exactly breaking new ground right? Um, wrong. Liane has a sparkling voice, upbeat and always curious. Her posts are always blended very well with numerous photos and commentary.

I especially liked her post Introducing Lady Liberty, where her photos really gave me a warped sense of reverse vertigo. I only get to see NY from aerial shots, TV and movies etc, but Liane shows just how staggeringly huge the skyscrapers are in NY.

I still find it hard to believe how the sheer mass of these structures don’t crumble into the water!

Joss Burnel – The Crowing Crone

If I were to say to you: “Walk in beauty.” How would you take it? I’m a sincere guy, funny, optimistic and smiling. But the words don’t readily fall from my lips and would certainly look out-of-place on my blog. However, when Joss gives you this greeting you get the feeling she genuinely means it. Joss’s every post is an inspiration. You can tell from the way she writes and what she writes about that she has a kind, gentle soul. To say she has a touch of the spiritual about her may seem weird, and mayhap it would make her squirm just a little.

But hey, I only know her through her blog, and that’s the feeling I get.

Joss writes outstanding poetry. I should know, I suck at poetry so when I read the good stuff I recognise it straight away. She has a beautiful way of making sense and at the same time echoing the thoughts inside my head that can’t seem to find a voice. One recent post, Confused, was very funny and made a lot of sense. She talks about her confusion, of life and how hectic and overwhelming it can seem. But she turns it around and finds that there’s nothing to be confused about at all!

There are so many aspects to Joss’s blog that I can’t begin to describe here, but I do know I am always smiling and left with a sense of peace when I finish reading. Oh, and if you’re interested to know about the Crone thing, click the tab “Why Crone?” She has a very good explanation.


Since time is against me once again, I shall leave it there for now. There are plenty more blogs to write about, but right now I’m off to find something interesting to eat and give the doggies some attention!

Keep bloggin’ folks!!


15 thoughts on “Blogs Of Interest!

    1. It sure is. Well it was. Actually no, it is. I had to delete a chunk, 2000 words because they were just gibberish But that’s okay, I’ve dumped far more before. Onward with the adventure!

  1. Wow Dave! I am honored! Thank you so much! I already follow a couple of the other blogs and agree, they are well worth the read! I will definitely check out the others! You haven’t steered me wrong yet! Thank you again for acknowledging me and my blogs! πŸ™‚

    1. One thing that strikes me about your blog is that it never sits still. It’s always changing, even though the content is always top stuff, the designs and title banners change to keep it fresh. Great way to welcome visitors with something new to look at!

  2. My gosh! This has never happened to me. I don’t even have to hum and ha that you just made my day!! πŸ˜€

    I’ve recently had such a disappointing blogging experience where I was commenting on some new blogs and discovered that the writer only replied to comments selectively (and it didn’t include me). I was trying to broaden some horizons and perhaps make some new blogging friends, but I ended up feeling rather left out – ignored – in the end 😦 From all the blogs that I have seen flourishing I’ve seen that they are people who acknowledge everyone, even if it is just a simple thank you to a first time visitor. I wish more people would comment, but I make a point of replying to each comment as a thank you for reading and sharing. I hope that in time it will pay off.

    It is often wise to pick grapes from a 1st prize vine. I think I’ll go check out some of these πŸ˜‰

    Thank you for the kind gesture! I really appreciate it πŸ™‚

    1. I often find that puzzling when a blogger is selective in their comments. Surely if someone has taken the time to post a comment even a quick thank you is expected, like you say.

      I’m a big fan of replying. There are occasions when I forget but on the whole I reply to almost all comments. By its very nature a blog is there for interaction, more so than a static read only website.

    1. Yours is a beautiful blog, Joss. The words shine through very well indeed. My sister is currently doing a web design course and wants to start her own blog around inspirational stuff, I’m not sure what yet, images, quotes, bits and pieces. I’ll be sending her your link so she can your blog and how you truly connect with the reader.

  3. I do read some and others I will definitely check out the rest since you always recommend quality.

    In regards to the comment about about selective response (or none at all), I don’t get that either. To me, blogging is social, you have readers and interact with them. I’m always thrilled when someone takes the time to comment and I always comment even if it is just a ‘thank you.’ If someone took the time to ‘talk’ to me, I should at least let them know I’m listening!

    So, if I see that they are only responding to ‘favorites’, usually I stop visiting because that seems to be to be more like they are trying to form a club or clique and I’m not interested in that. If I see they don’t respond at all, if I really enjoy the content, I’ll just click “like”, but most often I stop visiting as well.

    1. It’s good to talk! I’ve seen blogs with their favourites and their LOL’s only with each other. And I say PAH to them! PAH indeed. Good open dialogue is what I go for. If I didn’t want to see comments I’d simply scribble over the walls of the house and laugh at myself in the mirror!

  4. Hi Dave!
    I came here from Joss’ blog, because she mentioned your blog in her latest post, along with two other blogs. I follow the other two blogs but not yours, so being the curious person that I am (no, not nosey!), I though I’d check you out!
    I love how you have put this post together, because it not only helps our blogging buddies, but for anyone reading your blog, it opens up new avenues to new blogs that were previously unknown to us. I follow most of these ones, but there are a few I don’t and you have whetted my appetite to know more about them, so thank you!

    1. Hey there Barb! Welcome to my little slice of the net. Thanks for your comments. Because I do a lot of writing I’ve slipped in to the nasty habit of writing about writing just lately, and whilst that may be rip-roaring fun for some, I felt I was being a bit of a dullard. To that end I’d thought I’d share some fine blogs I’ve found on my travels.

      I’m glad you’ve found something new to read. Bravo!

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