Where’s Noobcake?

I’ve been mucking about with my background wallpaper as I didn’t really like the patterned leathery thingy I stuck up there when I changed my theme. As you can see I’ve crammed loads of photos together. Problem was that when I left it as full colour it was hard to see the blog title or the menu links so I put a sepia filter over it. I’m not sure it works all that well so I’ll leave it for the time being.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to find me amongst the other photos! Below is the full colour version of the background image, click it to see its full glory!

Can you identify Noobcake Dave?

Can you find Noobcake?

23 thoughts on “Where’s Noobcake?

  1. Obrigado pelo Papel de Parede amei muito.

    Assim como você se preocupa em seu redor ,
    Deus esta com você, muito próximo de você.

    você é muito amigável e Amoroso.
    um forte Abraço, Amigo.


  2. I like the sepia it looks great! Tou have to be the gingerbread man? or if you can’t fight as we say wear a funny hat!
    My blogging Mentor (nor Rose) told me off for posting a collage ias my header he said it looked too busy. I like it what do you think?

  3. Sorry, I didn’t notice any header for Piglet, just some hot cross buns!!!

    As for your background Noob, I really like it! I might steal your idea for my blog, I feel it is just too bland at the moment. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find a background I like so, for now, it remains white.

    Oh, and I assume you are the one wearing the Christmas hat, no?

    1. Thanks Brenda! Being the one behind the camera I seldom take pics of myself. Reckon I’ll see about getting some decent photos of myself this week.

    1. I love hats! Every winter I collect more of them. I love seeing the look of surprise on people’s faces when I walk past wearing a huge fury thing on my head!


    Not the one with long furry ears, or the Homer Simpson egg cup!

    Actually there are 2 pics of me in there – one taken some years ago wearing a silly hat and a second over on the left where I’m holding a tiny puppy, it was taken last summer after I’d lost a serious amount of weight.

    No the puppy isn’t mine! Weird thing about that puppy, it didn’t get much bigger than that! I’m not a big fan of tiny yapping rats, I mean dogs, but I found that one fascinating!

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