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Adventures in Tyria

SlooderI’ve neglected my blog of late, for which I cry your pardon dear blog reader. My absence must be blamed purely on the majesty and wonder of Tyria – a fantastic, dangerous and exciting place that has captured my imagination. Not against its will, you understand, for that would be absurd. I wanted to explore places previously envisioned inside my mind, made real (sort of) through the marvel of Guild Wars 2.

Before I lead you along the path of my adventures, first let me introduce you to Slooder.

That’s him on the left. He’s a strange chap wouldn’t you agree? He’s my alter-ego in Tyria. His race, the Asura, hail from the great city of Rata Sum, in the far west.

Looks a a little like an angry Gremlin doesn’t he? I don’t blame him. Slooder is a Necromancer, one who wields dark magic to bring agonising destruction to his enemies and life to his allies.

For many years I was an explorer of the mighty world of Azeroth, made famous by World of Warcraft. My interest in its adventures waned and died for reasons I dare not discuss here. A tale for another post perhaps, when time is not so keen to press forward and share my current journey with you.

Like so many others I waited with barely contained patience for Guild Wars 2 to open its gates to curious and fearless explorers of virtual worlds. Being a nerdy lover of fantasy fiction I yearned to set foot on new unspoilt shores and battle through heroic quests. I needed something fresh and exciting to indulge my imagination and after a considerable break from trekking through Azeroth, I was eager to stretch my legs and seek fortune in a new frontier.

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RIFT: A New Adventure

RIFTIf you need a break from reality and TV, movies, music or books aren’t doing it for you, I suggest you take a trip to Telara and enter the world of Rift. This game is amazing. It is visually stunning, highly polished and brimming with more fantasy stuff than you can shake a magic wand at! This is pure escapism at its best.

I’m a big fan of MMORPG’s (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) and played World of Warcraft for 4 years until I became bored with the same old junk rehashed in an attempt to keep players subscribing. I loved the lore and the story lines but the endless quests for killing 10 beasties for no other reason but for XP started to get very old. In fact the main reason I found it so appealing was due to the friendships forged, a good many hours were spent laughing till my face hurt. Sadly many people have moved on and I’ve lost touch with most of my online WoW pals.

So I stopped playing WoW about 6 months ago after the Cataclysm expansion. There were some new things to do, and exciting places to explore but the fun had gone out of it. I cancelled my subscription and went back to my writing. I keep a keen interest in up coming MMO’s because I love the story lines and sense of adventure.

There are 3 MMO’s I’ve kept my eye on – Star War: The Old Republic, The Secret World, TERA & finally Rift. I’d seen the in-game videos and scree shots but I wasn’t expecting it to be so good. I’m a bit of a fantasy nerd so this suited me just fine with the lore and magic and epic battles, the virtual world is teaming with life unlike other MMO’s I’ve played. I’m so surprised at how much I’m enjoying the game I thought I’d share some good/bad points with you good blog reader types.

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WoWcraft: Druid Powa!

World of Warcraft apathy had overcome me back in January. After a couple of years immersed in the vibrant virtual world I’d taken a short break and tried to go Horde, but it just didn’t feel right. I gave up. Tried AION which was nice but lacked something. So I played PS3 instead, high quality graphics, lots of different games and Call of Duty MW2 where I could shoot people in the head all day long without getting into a huge argument about guild politics and raiding tactics!

The other day an invisible force… we’ll call it The Ghost of WoWcraft… grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and thrust me down in front of my PC. I signed up for a months subscription and logged in. Usually I pop on to a few alts, just checking in on each one, circling my main character like gravity yanking a meteor toward the earth. Not this time.

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