3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge

Darkness has a bad reputation in my opinion. There's a lot to be said in favour of the luxurious, silky and encompassing nature of darkness. Story tellers endeavour to embolden the belief that darkness is evil, that it serves to arouse your senses to unseen terrors. I believe that darkness is an opportunity to retreat [...]

Letter to George

George, This has to happen. I have to write this here because I need room to express my views and you need to take time to read and digest what I'm about to say. Forget that it's in the public domain and focus on the meaning and purpose of this letter. What I need to [...]


George met Irene under a red sunset. It was love at first sight. Despite the slap he received for making a joke to his buddies about her sun burnt thighs looking redder than a baboon's rear. Laguna Beach was a sun worshippers paradise and both young and old flocked to the white sands. Fresh out [...]