Are morals a luxury in times of chaos?

Most of us have a moral compass we use to guide us through every day events and to navigate life's path. Our compass is seldom taken out and examined until we're faced with a new or tough decision. It's part of who we are, embedded like our senses and, for the most part, we take [...]

Is Choice an Illusion?

Choice and free-will are strange concepts to grasp when you examine what they really mean. Consider this statement: "I will eat a doughnut." That seems quite simple and straight forward. There is a doughnut and you are making a decision to consume it. But does that actually mean your choice is pure and untainted? Or [...]

God & His Marketing Team

On Day 5, after God had created the animals of the Earth, He gathered together his marketing team and handed them the task of designing the next big thing - Mankind. He left them with a broad concept and one afternoon in which to come up with something better than the Great Monkey Failure. The [...]