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Facebookers…(shake head & sigh deeply)

What the Facebook logo should really say.There’s something about Facebook I just don’t like. I’m going to be hugely hypocritical with this post because like so many other sheep I have a Facebook page, and I regularly login to see what utterly boring things everyone else is/has/will/was be doing/done/did and then change my status to reflect whatever tedious task has been the highlight of my day/hour/minute/moment!

Facebook has become deeply rooted in people’s lives, and whilst social networking sites have many good points it’s the banal reasons behind why people use them that really grinds my gears. Not all Facebookers are riddled with OCD that forces them to log in 28.6 times a day to update their status and say LOL to the must unfunny of photos – so a small apology goes out to those who aren’t complete morons. That said let’s take a look at the varying levels idiocy within the Facebook community. I’m generalizing here so feel free not to post random comments about how much you love your Facebook page and how it lets you and your “mates” keep in touch. Purlease, before social networking sites people went out and “talked” to each other “face to face” and conversations had weight and meaning to them. So save your protests for someone who gives a crap, k?

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Teenagers are fun to watch!

It’s late, you’ve just arrived home from work, you’re tired and hungry. All you want to do is eat dinner and relax. Problem is that you can’t because there is a teenager in your house. You can’t quite remember when they arrived as they have a habit of creeping up on you and blending in to the furniture. It’s only when they start to smell or grumble at you for changing the TV channel that you realise they’re even there.

The teenager is camped in front of the TV, been there since sometime in the afternoon or instantly appearing there when the school bell rings. It’s under a blanket, or more precisely “a rag” since that is what it has now become under the constant use of the teenager. There is something on the TV, something teenagers find fascinating, and that you may have when you were that age but you’re grown up and have to force yourself not to laugh.

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Big Brother – A sane housemate!


Marcus - A sane chap. No, seriously.

Usually the Big Brother house is populated with a selection of people from society that most of us wouldn’t spit on if they were on fire.

A bunch of whining, bitching, immature, self centered idiots who are seeking the biggest pot of cash in the shortest amount of time from little or no effort…and whilst this year is no exception (in fact more so) there is one house mate who seems genuinely down to earth, with a total grasp of the purpose of being on Big Brother. Could it be there is actually a sane person in the house at long last?

It’s very easy for anyone to sit in their armchair and shout at the moronic behaviour of the “contestants” on any Big Brother show. I’m guilty of doing just this and yet unashamed of it. Mention Big Brother and people either cringe and give you a look of pity or start a BB based discussion filled with amazement, shock, laughter, waving of hands and big sighs of exasperation.

It’s quite clear to even the most basic TV watcher that those who grace the BB set are thrust onto our screens for the simple task of hating/loving each other for our viewing pleasure. They fool about, we laugh/cry etc and then vote them out, until we have a winner, who is easily forgotton by the time the Christmas TV adverts arrive. Last year (or was it the year before? So hard to remember when all contestants seem to blend into each other after so many years) we had the huge racial row between Jade and Shilpa, and the entire world seemed to have an opinion on racism all of a sudden.

And now it seems that very same problem seemed about to rear its ugly and tiresome head yet again. I won’t bore you with the details, however, Sree mocks Marcus who mocks Sree using an Indian accent. End of story. There are 2 ways to look at this. Either Marcus was intending to take the piss out of Sree and the fact that he comes from India, ergo racism OR he was just returning a mock, simple. Big Brother seemed to think it was the first instance and began to tell Marcus off in the diary room. Marcus wasn’t having it. Bollocks. Bang out of order. Step off.

I’ll admit I like Marcus. He has a level head, doesn’t double talk or whine to other people about those he doesn’t like. He says what’s on his mind and gets on with it. And he isn’t afraid to take his simple argumentative style to BB either when they start on about racism. They pointed out that they were not accusing anyone of being racist, HOWEVER….they would just like remind housemates that BB doesn not tolerate racism etc. Bollocks BB!! That’s not what it looked like from where the rest of the country were sitting!

BB was getting in a stressy because it seemed like someone had edged in Racism Land! Oh no! Quick! Something must be done before 100’s of people (sad lonely pathetic people) ring in and bang on about how they were offended by it all. Why can’t they just plonk a disclaimer at the start of the show that says something like: “You may find this deeply offensive so don’t bother watching if you’re one of those sad people with nothing better to do with your life.” WHY?!! But Marcus was on top form. Without resorting to anger, violence, slander and stupidity, he used reason/intelligence and understanding to fight his argument and it seemed BB did back down.

I agree with Marcus there, 100%. It was because Sree is Indian that Marcus was called in to the diary room. Pure and simple. No one has ever taken the slightest bit of notice when any other house mate on any previous other show has said something using the accent of another house mate. But the moment it happens to be in an Indian accent there is a huge debate and people start getting out the PC Rule Book.

It’s bollocks. Sree was using the race card nicely, something I hate. I am not racist, never have been, never will be. There are too many more important things in life that worrying about the colour of someones skin or how they talk or what their religion is. Who cares! When all the arguments are done people end up in 2 basic groups: Assholes & Normal. I used to live in an area where those with white skin were discriminated against so I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of racism, believe it or not.

EDIT: A quick observational note – it is often hard to make a constructive objective cristisism about BB since the viewing public are only given tiny snippets to base their opinions on, and these snippets are provided from the hours and hours of footage shot inside the BB house, and used to govern the way the public vote their opinion. However, from these snippets it is clear to me and the rest of the BB fan base that Sree has not been sweetness and light whatsoever. Here are some choice words and phrases I would choose to describe him based on what I have seen:

Sree! Snivelling, cowardly, sly, rude, childish, incredibly immature, extreme sexism! There was a section in the diary room when Sree gave his reasons for nominating Noirin, and you can ignore every reason except the one where he says “no woman has ever shouted at me!” You’re a sexist pig mate. Failure to even attempt to understand the cultures/backgrounds of those around him. Never listens to a word anyone says to him, and whilsts they are talking you can see the expression on his face, it says he doesn’t care what is being said, he is just waiting to say his next piece. Takes losing very very badly. Can not take critism at all………..and so on.

A great many people think that the term racism is used for to describe discrimination against people with a darker skin tone. We have to remember that racism is more than that. I’m shocked that someone on Big Brother was actually able to string together the right words using the right thought process to make this point not only to a TV company but to the rest of the viewing public. The fact that BB later decided to give Marcus an official warning is irrelevant. He made it quite clear they were in the wrong, that he wasn’t being racist or threatening in the way they think.

I could rant on about this for a bit longer, but I’ve run out of steam now and want to make a start on a new post. I just wanted to get that rant off my chest!