Writing Prompt Wednesday #10

It’s been hot and sticky in the UK of late. And at night the dark, humidity and silence form an eerie alliance where their only purpose seems to be either preventing me from sleeping or disrupting sleep soon after it has arrived.

That atmosphere feels as infinite as the universe – from the moment the quiet night eases into being, the trio are hard at work, expanding the hours to fill eternity.

A side effect I welcome is when inspiration interrupts the long dark. It can feel like voices if I concentrate, but otherwise, it’s more a feeling, or like being inside an emotional state that forms into something I can manipulate and morph into something new and undiscovered.

When I woke this morning I couldn’t fathom whether last night’s voices left me feeling melancholic or uplifted.

I stumbled across a video of Peter Dinklage on Facebook and felt inspired to share it here with you fine people.

There are a few edited versions on YouTube, this being one of them.

But you can find the original below, which is well worth a watch.

I found both uplifting.

It certainly inspired today’s writing prompt, the original piece of art can be found here: http://tr0phykill.deviantart.com/art/Alessa-Gillespie-vs-Alma-Wade-repainted-work-474967633

Fake It then Make It.

Recently I’ve been questioning my abilities – both in the workplace, and at home with my writing. I wonder if anyone else really knows what they’re doing, 100% of the time. Or are they bluffing to a greater or lesser degree? Because they’re also figuring things out as they go along.

I’ve come to realise it’s normal to feel like a fraud, at least some of the time, or at some point in your life. And that’s okay. It’s not a realistic expectation to be spot on perfect in every aspect of life, from birth to death.

A few nights ago, when the trio wouldn’t let me sleep, I spent quality hours looking through the chapters I’ve written of The Holt.

I winced at clunky dialogue, narrative stretches that don’t flow right and some grammatical boulders that are pretty fucking ugly. At times my hands covered my gaping mouth, and my thought process was:

“No. Oh no. This is shit. Utter shitty shit garbage. This will take a gazillion years to edit. Even then it should be deleted without being printed. And the hard drive smashed and burned. And the ashes thrown in a vat of acid. And the acid shot into the heart of the sun.”

But then, to my relief, I came across some decent sections that flowed and felt right. Some had been written well over a year ago and they felt fresh enough to enjoy as a reader, instead of a writer.

My thoughts changed to:

“Surely if I can enjoy those precious few pages, then others can too, right? At least it’s not all sucky shite.”

I really hope some of it is good.

Don’t Wait

Mr Dinklage is right. Don’t wait for the world to tell you that you’re ready.

His video is a much-needed positive affirmation for me.

There’s a time when doubt has to pipe the fuck down and go sit on the naughty step and make way for belief in your abilities.

Maybe I’ll never earn a crust from writing. Maybe I’ll die poor and lonely, half eaten by cats, or a hungry badger.

It’s hard to resist the desire to dream big about writing projects.

Will this novel be the one that reaches the right person at the right time? Will they see something worth sharing? Be that as a movie, or worthy of being published to a wide audience.

Or, thinking of smaller, yet equally important dreams, will this story inspire a reader? Will they enjoy it? Will the act of reading this novel create a ripple of goodwill that spreads out to others?

I get that meme. It works for me.

I start my stories because they need to be told. Even if I’m telling them to myself. I finish them because all stories deserve an ending. Maybe not a conclusion, but an ending is important.

There’s another meme I’d like to share if you’ll indulge me, dear blog reader.

Isn’t that fucking amazing? And intense!

I love it.

And why not?

If you find that one thing that sets your soul on fire, you should never fear it or what others may say about it.

Peace out.


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