What a time to be alive!!


Hey there dear blog reader!

You ever have one of those days when everything seems to fit and everything you do works out just right? The sort of day where you’re smiling away and folks are smiling back, the banter flits back and forth like birdsong, and you can almost touch the happy vibe floating in the atmosphere around you.

From the moment I woke up to right now, the mood within my bubble has been silky smooth and tinged with mirth and energy. And it looks like we’re having a barbee later this evening which serves to bookend the day just perfectly! I thought I’d share my positive happy smileyness with you, along with a few pics in full techno-fun-o-colour-rama!

Throw colour into your soul!

The image at the top was taken on Magdalene Bridge in Cambridge. I took it a few weeks ago with my shiny new Nokia Lumia 920.

The yellow one. Yup. No more grey dull phone for me!

Figured I’d experiment with the Tilt Shift lens to see what the fuss was all about. I like the photo because it’s full of happy colourful people enjoying a sunny day out. The area around that particular bridge is a great place to people watch.

We hung around waiting for someone to fall in the river. Not because we’re evil, because there’s always a huge cheer from the crowds! Sure, the poor drenched person feels a bit foolish but it’s like waiting for your favourite team to score, there’s expectation there, like any moment someone is about to out perform everyone else.

The crowd gets caught up the moment, the applause and cheers are good-natured, and serve to congratulate the soggy unexpected diver rather than mock.

Cambridge is like a Mecca for tourists and it’s quite intoxicating to stroll the streets listing to live music, watch students in high spirits, and listen to tourists of every nationality chatting away – languages I don’t know but love hearing. The sound is the an aural equivalent of a florists display of vibrant colours.


Feast with your eyes!

A few weeks ago I made a strawberry Pavlova for my best friends birthday. Who wants boring cake when you can have that sort of fruity scrummyness? Sadly the photos I took were garbage. Faded and all blergh.

But the Pavlova was awesome! Made it all myself too. What made it more of a success was that before that I was a virgin Pavlova maker.

The outside was all crispy and the inside…oh man…chewy and lovely! It looked like a chunk of heaven decorated with sumptuous delights and drizzled with strawberry sauce (or coulis to use the propper chef term!) that danced on your tongue like fresh morning sunlight glittering on ocean waves.

Disappointed with the shots I figured I’d share this photo of a juicy bowl of fruit. Doesn’t that look spit-on-your-neck fantastic! Give it a click to view in all its juicy glory!

This shot was taken the day I went to see my juju woman witch doctor physiotherapist who put me through some agonising pain with a sympathetic if slightly masochistic smile.

Be gone Pain Demons!

Funny how after x-rays, scans, poking and prodding, umming and ah-ing, and almost a year of the pain demons eating away at my hips, there’s actually a simple reason why the pain demons love me so much. Turns out that after losing a considerable amount of weight I’d been carrying around with me for years, my arse muscles have been left all weak and pointless.

When I was all big and gross the muscles had adapted to lug that chunky stuff around, and with the weight loss the muscle mass has also dropped off too.

And that has led to various muscles, sinewy bits and ligaments on my hips struggling to pick up the slack. And that’s why the pain demon loves me. They love weakness. Now I have a regime of exercises designed to enhance my butt cheeks and bring them back to their former glory…well, just plain glory would be fine. Actually I’ll settle for functional arse cheek muscles if it helps kill the pain demons.

Anyhoo! A big bowl of juicy fruit lifted my spirits after the physio juju lady had punished me. In a good way. No. Not that sort of good way.


Very ladylike…for once!

This is our dog, Tilly. She’s beautiful. She’s some sort of cross. Not sure what make of dogs created her. I’m just glad they did the Canine Six Paw Shuffle together.

Tilly is a strange blend of insane floor licking, sun light chasing, barking at nothing sort of psychosis mixed with a tender, nurturing and very gentle feminine quality. The problem with trying to take a photo of her is that she likes reflections.

A lot.

Too much actually.

And when sunlight hits a camera lens, or she sees the little light on the front, she’s off and away, chasing the light again. This is a rare photo of her actually looking at the camera and not acting like a lunatic. Her hair is starting to grow back in after being groomed almost to her skin. I’m looking forward to the wild orang-utan freaky hair style coming back.

When she’s not chasing lights, reflections, dust particles or ghosts, Tilly is very loving and seems to know when you’re tired or stressed or a little bit down. A bit of a paw for attention usually does the trick, and then it’s over on her back, legs in the air for some quality belly rub time. Just the trick to ease away the blues.

I’ve been saving this last photo.

It sums up the connection I believe all living things need and yearn for, whether they openly declare it or not. I once saw a photo of two old dears sat on a beach front bench, sharing a moment of silence together.

My guess is they’d been married for a long time. It’s easy to be cynical about love and friendship when it comes to our senior pals. They’re old, right? All wrinkly and dry. They don’t need stuff like love and desire. Either that or they’re too old to bother with it.

Um. Wrong.

When I looked closer at the photo I noticed the woman had her foot nestled against her husband’s leg. He in turn had the tips of his fingers touching her knee.

Made me smile.

After so many years in each others company they still had that need to be close to one another. A simple gesture that reminds their other half that they’re with them, that they’re still thinking of them as they gaze at the sea.

A silent reassuring gesture that says more than any vocal explanation of their feelings can.

Dogs need each other too.

A few weeks ago I crept into our back bedroom. The dogs were fast asleep, laying width ways across the bed, almost as far apart as possible.

Except for their paws.

At some point during their snooze they’d stretched out in the space between them. Tilly’s paw rested gently on Ben’s. It reminded me of the photo of the elderly couple.

Our dogs spend every waking moment together. They do everything together – play, fight, hunt, chase, search, growl, drink, eat, bark, dash, run, sit, bark and everything in between.

You’d think they’d want some space every now and then wouldn’t you?

And yes, whilst they’re happy to share a comfy bed for a snooze it seems they still need to know the other one is still here. Beside them.

A cynical person might say it’s purely coincidence their paws touched.

And yes dear blog reader, I’ve just had that person shot from a cannon into the face of the sun.

Our dogs, like other living beings, need company. They need to feel the same connection we make with our loved ones. And so what if it was coincidence? When your loved one touches you by accident do you flinch away?

No. You like that feeling. That connection. That reminder that you’re sharing your journey with someone else.

Who wants to walk the path alone anyway?

Not me. I’m happy today.

My path has crossed many others today. A nod here. A smile there.

Pay it forward folks.

The rewards of that one little slither of effort are infinite.


4 thoughts on “What a time to be alive!!

  1. You’ve really brightened my day with your cheerful outlook! Good on ya bro! While i lie here in acute pain after my tonsillectomy, i do feel a sense of upliftment after reading that. Thank you x

    1. It’s my pleasure to recharge your upliftometer sis! Glad to have shared my happiness with you. Right now I’m sat in the back garden enjoying the mouth watering smells of the barbee! Not exactly what you want to hear with your throat in tatters but you can imagine the smell at least!

      1. Oooh how wonderful. I’m looking forward to a nice BBQ when I’m back to normal, swilled down with an ice cool beer of course! But for now I’ll just remain ever so slightly jealous. Have a nice evening xxx

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