NaNoWriMo – And We’re Off!

It’s all go for NaNo!

I’m off to a shaky start with the big event! So far I’ve managed to crank out 2,150 words. I had hoped to get a lot more done today but I’ve been a tad pre-occupied with editing my long-term writing project, The Range.

My plan for NaNo 2012 is to make a good start on a follow-up to The Range, with a novel called The Survivors. Not entirely set on the title yet, but I like the idea of it starting with a “The…” something something. Talk about excited! I’ve got grand plans for my story. Lots of twists and turns, interesting characters, thumping action and some quality heart stopping moments.

I’ve been thinking a lot about publishing. The Range is currently in its sixth edit and is considerably more polished than the cringing first draft. In the last year or two I’ve learnt a lot about the publishing game, from the traditional route to indie publishing on Amazon Kindle for example. I’ve read how self published authors have been approached by publishing houses only to reject them.

Seems crazy, right?

Well, not when you read that some authors are able to take more profit from eBooks than what traditional publishers can offer. Not to mention the author seems to have more control over their work. Personally I prefer to see my book in an actual book shop. However I’m not ruling out putting my novel out there in eBook format, although I’m still some way off that stage yet.

I’ve read plenty of novels by amateur writers, some good, some bad. And the bad ones really do suck. It seems that poor quality writing, editing, etc by a few amateur writers is giving indie publishers a bit of a bad reputation.

Or am I wrong?

What do you think, dear blog reader?

Just because you can publish an eBook, doesn’t necessarily mean you have the ability to be a good writer. Does it?

I want my novel to be as near perfect as possible. That means checking and re-checking things like spelling, punctuation, grammar and everything else. I want a reader to enjoy what I’ve written without a silly mistake bringing them out of the story. If that means taking time to get the smallest detail right, then fine, I’m good with that.

Despite those doubts it’s an exciting prospect to know I can publish my novel in a relatively simple method. And I like the idea of being in control. I hope that doesn’t make me seem naive. I understand that as an indie author I’d have to know about marketing, accounts, finance, sales…er, and probably lots more stuff that a publishing house does for an author.

Hmmm, but NaNo first!

I’ll continue to edit The Range this month, splitting my time between editing that and working on The Survivors. Hopefully I’m not setting myself too big a challenge. It took me a long time to get into editing mode so I don’t want to lose that momentum, yet at the same time I’m bursting with ideas for The Survivors.

It’ll all work out fine in the end!

Although having said that my 2011 NaNo novel, Shadowrealm Stalkers, is as yet unfinished at around 80,000 words. I feel kinda guilty for not finishing it. But I will. I have an idea for a three-part story that I kick around at the back of my head now and then. I’ll return to that world when I’ve finished this collection, The Range, The Survivors and for a third in the series (maybe baby) The Retreat. That story is not much more than a few basic ideas, plot twists etc.

All in good time!

For now I’m happy to have made a start on The Survivors.

And to all you fellow Wrimo’s out there…

Good luck and happy adventures in your Imaginationland!

Write for you. Write with passion. Love it. Live it.

19 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – And We’re Off!

  1. I gotta tell ya I miss reading your excerpts from The Range. Whichever route you choose, that novel is going to make you a star, my friend. Congrats on day 1 of NaNo, you got in about 500 more words than I did. Did you notice I didn’t chicken out this year! Woo hoo.

    1. Good on ya Joss! It’s funny you say that because I was thinking the other day that I haven’t posted any fiction on my blog for ages. Perhaps after NaNo I’ll publish some more creative japery!

  2. Good job on your first day’s writing. How one approaches trying to get one’s book out is entirely a matter of personal preference; if you can do things like interior layout, cover design, and marketing, or know people who can, and aren’t afraid to put in the work, then you might seriously consider self-publishing. With services like CreateSpace and Lulu, the options for actually getting a book – and even getting it available through major bookstores – are greater and easier than ever before. And as someone who turned experience with formatting, interior layout, and illustration into an independent publishing business, I can tell you that it certainly can be done. But it does take a lot of work, and it may be frustrating at times trying to get your book noticed. However, that’s usually the case with new authors even with the biggest publishing houses. I recommend doing as much reading as possible on the subject before deciding. Anyway, good luck with NaNoWriMo.

    1. Thanks for your comment Jinx. I’ve always had a flair for graphic design so the idea of putting together my own design for my novel is very exciting. I’m still in the research phase, reading about indie publishing and trying to figure out what the best route is for me. Seems like a bit of a minefield at times with so many options available, and I wonder if the often bewildering array of choices can be off putting for writers who like the prospect of cutting out the big publishing house and going it alone.

        1. It’s been a shaky start, and just touched the 7k mark, though I thought I’d be further on than that, but I’m still editing the latest draft of The Range. No consistency yet, so I’m writing in bursts when I have time. 5,000 is good going!

  3. I managed to get a highly impressive (even to me) word count today. 4272 words! I’ve never written that many words on a project before. I think it helped that I pretty much had the first chapter laid out and had to progress the story to a certain point pretty quickly. So far, my sequel is turning out better than the original. We’ll see how all this ends up. I’ve set aside time in the mornings to edit and adjust my first novel and then use the afternoons to write the new one. That way I don’t get too bogged into one and neglect the other and it keeps my inner editor happy and quiet (she gets pretty loud, let me tell ya). I’m excited for all of us! I’m hoping to actually finish this time around. Though, I have to admit… After two novels, my MC doesn’t have a name. She hasn’t needed one. She’s run through an impressive list of alias’ though lol

    Good luck and Happy Writing!

    1. I reckon you’ve got a decent approach there! Editing in the morning and writing in the afternoon. I love the idea of keeping your inner editor happy! I’m sort of in the same place at the moment, spending a few hours editing the last few chapter of The Range, and switching to The Survivors for NaNo. Sometimes it takes a bit of effort to force myself to sit and edit. And once I’m there it’s great fun.

      I hear that about the inner editor getting pretty loud. I tend to get an itchy feeling inside my head until I give in and start doing it. “Okay, fine, sheesh, I’m doing it. Calm down!” Hehe. Gotta love the voices in your head!

  4. Good job! It seems you are putting a lot of consideration into whether or not to publish, and that’s great. A lot of people who self-publish don’t even seem to edit, so I think you’d be fine. The only thing about self-publishing is that you will have to market your book well. But it can be done–look at Amanda Hocking. I know a self-published author and he’s done pretty well, but the real reward for him is that people are reading and like his book. I would suggest to try traditional publishing, but if you can’t get anywhere with it, you may want to seriously consider self-publishing. Best of luck! I’m almost at 6K with my NaNo. So much fun!

    1. In truth my heart does lie with traditional publishing. I think because of my age I can appreciate both old methods and new. Similar to being taught both metric and imperial measuring in that respect. I’m happy to take the time, research, consider all the options and go for what feels right. Like I said in my post I’d rather have my novel as perfect as possible instead of rushing it and falling down because of a few silly mistakes.

      And 6k – wow, congrats! Nicely done!

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