My Guest Post on Pibbles & Me!

A few weeks ago I was kindly asked if I wanted to be a featured guest at Pibbles & Me, a wonderfully humorous and uplifting blog I’ve been following for…gosh, a year or two now at least. My post What Can Dogs Teach Us About Life is ready for your viewing pleasure, so get clicking and spend some time reading my wordy goodness! It was a rather strange post as I wasn’t entirely sure what to write about, but hey, it all worked out in the end!

I’ll cut this post short, no long rants today, dear blog reader. I’m all smiles about my guest post on Pibbles & Me and that’ll do me just fine!

7 thoughts on “My Guest Post on Pibbles & Me!

  1. Absolutely brilliant post, Dave – I left a comment there. We can learn so much from watching our own pets and their attitude to life. Keep it simple they say!

    1. Thanks Barb! For some reason I was so sure I was following your blog, but I wasn’t. Weird. Anyway, clicked the follow and read your Never Argue with a Woman post – hehe, very funny! Thanks for raising my smile today!

      1. I always thought you were following me too, Dave, so thanks for the new follow!
        I love the way you write and your guest post on Pibbles & Me just blew me away.

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