Even a Zero can be a Hero

Hey there dear blog reader!

I won’t keep you long. I just wanted to share a particularly uplifting and inspirational video with you. I stumbled across this on YouTube on a day when I was feeling a bit down and kinda nothing. I had the day off work so I got up late, pottered about, poked around in the kitchen, watched insanely boring day time TV and wasted most of the day doing a lot of nothing.

By the time I’d gathered enough energy to sit and write, my basket of enthusiasm was empty. I sat and stared at the screen, checked Facebook, didn’t reply to any emails and clicked on the black hole that is YouTube, where time is sucked away from everyone.

Slumped in my chair, eyes half closed, wondering if it was time for dinner, I clicked a link that just said “Zero.” It said it was 12 minutes long so just enough of a time filler before I thought about cooking some tasty food – then maybe more TV.

I’m so glad I clicked it!

Zero is a fantastic short movie of how even the lowliest person in life can achieve more than nothing after being labelled as nothing. It was enough to lift me out of my slump and that evening I spent a few wonderful hours writing and editing with a smile on my face.

I heartily encourage you to watch this video right to the end. Trust me, it’s inspirational, uplifting, surprising, and many other positive -ings.


8 thoughts on “Even a Zero can be a Hero

    1. It’s funny you mention the racism bit. I read a load of comments on YouTube about that. Turns out the animators etc never thought it would be viewed as racist and there are so many people arguing about it in the comments. I guess you have to look past that and see the inspirational message.

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