Weekly Photo Challenge – Movement…kind of!

Ben – chillaxing.

I was intrigued by the Weekly Photo Challenge this week because whilst I have recently snapped a few photos that show movement, those that really caught my eye showed little or none at all! As you can see, our dog Ben (Benji, BenTen, BenBen, Benjamina…aaand so on) has the knack for staying very still. This doesn’t reflect his true nature where he usually lives life at a hundred miles an hour. Buy hey, that’s a lot of energy and he deserves a rest!

Ben – sooo sleepy.

Doesn’t he look so comfy cosy right there? I took about 30 photos of him dozing and slumbering, something of a rarity considering he spends most of his waking hours sniffing, licking and chasing stuff, not to mention begging me to throw his beloved tennis ball.

This last photo I took in our back garden a few days ago. Given that a lot of the UK has been subjected to torrential rain this week, it seemed appropriate to show how our neck of the woods has survived the drenching for the most part. I loved how the clouds seemed to be smeared across the sky by the movement of the wind around them, as if they somehow had mass like sand and were slowly eroding.


Fuzzy clouds – eroded by the wind.

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  1. Awesome pics Dave!

  2. Lol! Not too much movement but great pictures…

  3. Could be my dog’s twin…as far as movement goes. :)

  4. Oh…Beautiful Ben…love the photographs.

  5. I love how dogs can be lying perfectly still, but still so aware – and you’ll notice their ears move to catch a sound! Beautiful dog!

    • So true. You think you’re being sneaky, slowly inching closer trying to capture them as cute as possible, but those tell-tale ears show they know exactly what you’re up to!

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