I’m a Kreative Blogger!

I’ve been nominated for a Kreative Blogger Award by the good folks at Whirling Point. I have a tendency to forget to write a post when I’m nominated for a blogger award, but not this time dear blog reader!

There’s an argument about social networking (yes, that includes blogging) that people are spending way too much time making “friends” in the digital world than actually taking the time to see them in person. I sort of agree, face to face is better than face-to-screen-to-face, but then that’s not easy to achieve if you’ve made a connection with someone in another country is it?

The reason why I decided to act on this award is because Spijder, one of the writers at Whirling Point, took the time to email me and ask if I would accept the award before posting it on their blog. I like that. I like the fact that Spijder wrote me an email instead of simply plonking my blog link under the image of the blogger award.

I’m not saying that I do that myself, or that anyone who does throw up a link to a blog they’ve nominated for an award should always email said blogger prior to sharing. It’s usually pretty flattering to find someone has nominated you for something right out of the blue.

Icky Sticky!

It’s been a long hot sticky humid sweaty icky day. I got back from work, threw lots of cold water all over myself then popped a can of ice cold Pepsi Max and settled down to continue editing my novel. I figured I’d check my emails first, get them out of the way (remember my How To Survive On One Small Bowl of Internet a Day)but the email from Spijder got me thinking.

It reminded me that sometimes sharing links and networking can bring a smile to someone’s face. It’s not all about spamming links to drive traffic to your blog or site for personal gain. We live in a cynical, money hungry, fast paced, data scoffing, advert jammed world and yet all it takes is that personal touch to remind me that there will always be a human element smiling through the dross and crap that fester on the internet.

And for that reminder I thank Spijder. Good on yer buddy!

Sharing is Caring.

So to return to the favour and pay it forward I’ll nominate a bunch of folks for the Kreative Blogger Award. Apologies in advance for not emailing anyone before publishing this post! Does that make me hypocritical? Hmm. I hope not. I’m sure I’ve nominated some of these people before, so I reckon they won’t mind me singing their praises again!

But First…the rules…

Well, they’re more like guidelines than rules, right Cap’n Jack? I need to share seven facts about me before I push on to the nominations. My regular readers will know I don’t do short posts, mostly, so I won’t beg your forgiveness for my less than short and to the point facts!

# 1 – The Black Spot!

In Primary School, around age 9, a friend jammed a pencil into my right hand. It was extremely well sharpened and as a result the lead snapped off and got stuck in my hand. Strangely it didn’t hurt all that much and the teacher put a plaster on it for me. I’m 37 now and that little bit of lead is still there! Yeah I know it probably isn’t very healthy, and it could have been doing all sorts of damage but it’s a part of me like a cute scar, if there is such a thing.

# 2 – Pink!

I’m manly enough to know I can wear pink and not be worried what anyone will think or say. I’ve got a super vibrant pink t-shirt and a huge chunky pink watch. Not only that but I have a thing for big colourful shirts, especially my Hawaiian shirt and my Super Hero tracky bottoms. I wear dark clothes every day at work, not through choice, it’s the uniform, so when I wear something I want it to be bright and bold!

# 3 – The Dark Tower.

I’m a Stephen King fan. Some consider him to be a trashy author, but that usually means they’ve read (or half read) Pet Cemetary or Christine and never bothered jumping into his better works. He’s written some total junk over the years but so what? Haven’t all writers? His epic saga The Dark Tower is the best story I have ever read. Aside from The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy it’s the only story I’ve read twice. Read it, dear blog reader, you won’t be disappointed. And don’t give up on the first book, the Gunslinger. Push on because it gets better and better.

# 4 – Tattoo.

I’ve got a tattoo on my arm I had done when I was 19, foolish, big-headed and invincible. I hate it. It reminds me of a time I would rather forget, mostly. I regret the design not the actual getting it done bit. I’ve been thinking of having a cover up done, my own design, something that represents me and my personal philosophy on life. But it’s not cheap at around £600 for the complete work. Maybe one day.

# 5 – I Live on Words.

I go to sleep thinking about stories, writing, characters, plots, scenes, dialogue, you name it. I wake up and the first thing on my mind is what I wrote the night before. I think about my next edit or scene on my way to and from work. Even when I’m talking with friends or watching TV my inner writer is making notes. I’ve not written any short fiction for a while now because I’m working on editing my novel. In a phone call with my Dad the other evening he reminded me that to get anywhere with my writing (not just for the possibility of making money, but for the pride in knowing I have written something to the utmost of my ability) I had to dedicate my time to it, bend my will to my craft and not stop until the book is finished. And aside from a meagre blog post here and there I’m doing just that.

# 6 – Mobile Lake.

I drive an ageing purple Renault Clio. I love it. My car has character. It squeaks and makes funny noises yet the mechanic tells me there’s nothing wrong with it. No rust. No engine problems. Good tyres. Well looked after and so on. However, I reckon he overlooked something on the last MOT because when it rains hard I get a lake in the passenger foot well. There must be a leak or a hole somewhere but I can’t find it. I’m not talking a bit of moisture. No. Sometimes there’s so much water I can see and hear it sloshing around as I drive. Not that I mind. Like I said, it’s all about character. I suspect that sooner or later something will fall off due to a serious case of Unseen Mobile Lake Rust!

# 7 – Pride in Poetry.

I’ve said before that I don’t get poetry. I find it fascinating but I suck at it. I find it extremely difficult to write. I read lots of blogs where people let their words flow with such grace and ease. A poem can take me a couple of weeks to get right. No joke. Fiction writing, sure, that’s a blast, my fingers work until they’re sore and bleeding. But poetry? No chance. My brain wants to kill me when I start thinking about writing some. I recently wrote two poems that I’m really very proud of, not because they took an ice age to put together but because they’re good. You gotta blow your own trumpet sometimes, right?

Have a look for yourself.

Thaw – posted on April 3, 2012.

Blood, Sweat & Stars – posted on March 29th, 2012.

Nomination Time!

And so to those I nominate for the Kreative Blogger Award, in no particular order.

Merry Farmer – This lady brings history alive with charm, humour and a healthy dose of the truth!

Dumb Workers – My favourite Aussie blogger, tells it like it is with subtle cheeky style and great observational humour.

The Crowing Crone with Joss Burnel – Walk in beauty is her mantra, and I urge you to read her inspirational blog.

The Blackheart Poetess – Poetry written from the soul, beautiful, shocking, brutal, delicate and simply stunning.

HoaiPhai – Down to earth blogger, deep, whimsical and always worthy of my time.

Taking Snaps – Stunning photography, always brings a smile when I check out the latest pics or musings.

Well, that’s all folks!

Of course, once again, thanks to Whirling Point for nominating me and giving me the chance to take a mini-break from writing to post something other than a few photos. My messages to you today are:

Blog Happy!

Smile, because frowning is way too much effort!

Pay something forward every day!

Enjoy every moment, good or bad, because life with experiences is like being a cardboard box. Brown, dull and empty.

8 thoughts on “I’m a Kreative Blogger!

  1. Yay, and well deserved. You are certainly one of the most creative writers I’ve discovered on my blogging journey and you’ve certainly inspired me with your writing tips. I was in the UK during the heatwave and my was it hot. 🙂

    1. Cheers PiP! It sure was steaming away last week. Kinda cooled off this week but that’s okay, at least it’s no longer all grey and sullen for a change.

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