Something wonderfull has arrived!!!

The wonderfullness has arrived! It came today! The best painting in the entire world! My very own print of Courageous by Christina Deubel came in the post all the way from the US. I could not be happier right now! A huge HUGE thank you goes out to Christina…massive…we’re talking hooj here! I had to take a quick photo and post it up with my cheesy grin, yeah I know, not the best photo taken but hey, I’m happy!

Courageous by Christina Deubel
Happiness multiplied by Infinity!!

I can’t wait to get the print into a decent frame, I’m thinking pale pine or ash, nothing too bold so the colours come right out at you. I’ll have to wait till the end of the month now to get one as I’m already strapped for cash so short after pay-day. But when it’s up there I’ll take some good shots and post them right here.

I’m a big fan of Christina Deubel’s work, she’s an amazing artist, I can’t praise her stuff more. I especially like her expressionist pieces – such wonder and beauty! I’ve never been so captivated by a painting. It is unbelievably beautiful and inspiring. I urge you, dear blog reader, to go check out Christina’s website – In The Depths.

I didn’t want to roll it back up and put it safely away. Part of me wanted to blu-tac it to the wall and just gaze at it, but I know that would be so very bad. I could never cheapen such a beautiful piece of art like this with nothing less than a carefully chosen frame.

Christina, I deeply thank you for this. I will cherish it always.

12 thoughts on “Something wonderfull has arrived!!!

    1. Good Morning Joss,
      Unfortunately, or fortunately.. I have been crazy busy and while I have prints available for most of my work, I don’t have my store published on my site yet. If there is something specific you were looking at you can shoot me an email and we can talk more
      Thank you for looking at my site and for your interest in my work! Much appreciated!

  1. awe Dave, I cannot express my gratitude for your kind words. Your spirit shines all the way across the ocean! Thank you for being your wonderful self and for enjoying and sharing my work!

  2. Thanks folks for your kind words, and thanks again to Christina. I would have replied to Joss but the wonderful artist beat me to it! Lots of fans here from the looks of it!

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