12 thoughts on “Sleepy Doggies!

    1. It’s so nice to see them cuddled up like that. They have a bed a piece for night time snoozes but in the morning they’re usually curled up together in one bed! They’re the best of pals for sure, couldn’t ask for a more happy pair!

    1. You could say that. From ravaging bins to climbing on the table when no one is looking, or so they assume! You’ll always find one egging the other on to do some daring deed or another.

    1. We took Ben, the little brown fella, to a number of animal shelters to find him a good pal, but it wasn’t until he met Tilly that we knew we’d found something special. They raced up and down the field right next to each other, happy, tails wagging, jumping and playing like they’d known one another for years. It’s funny and lovely when two dogs just seem to click like that.

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