Five Reasons I Wish I Was A Sith Lord

As a youngling I was mesmerised by the awesome power of the Jedi in Star Wars. I wanted to know what it felt like to use the Force, lead epic battles against a ruthless enemy, wield a Light Saber and whiz through space as laser beams flash all around me.

Some people, when asked what fantasy land they would like to live in, may say they’d love to travel through Middle Earth and meet Gandalf, others feel deep kinship for the Na’vi on Pandora in the movie Avatar. And then you hear about people insist they were born in the wrong era, and should have been a bomber in WW2 or an adventurer crossing the new lands of America.

As for me, I felt I wasn’t so much born in the wrong era but should have been born…

This post has been inspired by Marcy Kennedy and her recent post Five Reasons I Wish I Was A Jedi. At the end she asks the question:

What do you think would be the best part about being a Jedi? If being a Jedi isn’t for you, what’s your ultimate fantasy career?

Whilst the Jedi held my fascination for many years it wasn’t until George Lucas announced the Star Wars prequels were finally going to be made that I started to wonder about the Sith. Would we find out more about this dark mysterious opposite to the seekers of light and peace, the Jedi? Would we finally get an answer as to how Darth Vader turned to the dark side and learn of the history of the Sith?

Sadly no. Not really.

We got a glimpse into the Sith but nowhere near as much as I would have liked. I felt cheated. Episodes 4, 5 & 6 were all about the Jedi so I expected 1, 2 & 3 to be much more Sith orientated. But no. It was mostly Jedi and how the Sith were basically the scum of the galaxy and were out to make everyone’s life a misery. The audience are led to root for the Jedi as the darkness encroaches on their happy peaceful order of do-gooder’s.

However, if you look beyond the movies at the video games, in particular the recent launch of Star Wars The Old Republic, you’ll find a wealth of story lines and history that show that there isn’t really a good side or a dark side at all.

Um, no Dave, Jedi are good, Sith are evil.

Remember what Obi Wan Kenobi said to Luke Skywalker when the young adventurer learnt who his daddy was? What he told Luke wasn’t a lie, but a truth based on a certain point of view. The Sith think the Jedi are bad and vice versa. Since I haven’t read any Star Wars books I’m assuming there must be a central event or series of incidents that separated the Sith from the Jedi that would explain why they’re not chums any more.

My Five Reasons I Wish I Was A Sith Lord.

# 5 Big Spaceships!

The Empire have some impressive hardware and have all the cool toys! Aside from the Death Star they fly around in mahooosive triangles, and not just one either, there’s plenty to go around, so much in fact that I’m sure a savvy Sith acolyte could find a decent second-hand star ship in a scrap merchants if they have the right connections. Okay, so the mileage is bound to pretty high but imagine the floor space! Think space bound 6 Star Luxury Imperial Spa armed with all the latest weapons, sauna’s, gym’s, cocktail bars, quality restaurant’s and escape pods.

And let’s not forget the other cool toys the Jedi or Republic were obviously jealous of: The AT-AT, those two-legged stomping thingies that trundle through the forest, oh…and speeder bikes. Gimme!

# 4 A Clone Army!

Forget conquering the known galaxy, there are countless uses for a seemingly endless supply of servants other than sending them into battle to be laser beamed. So, as a wheeler-dealer Sith, you’ve got your second-hand 6 Star Luxury Imperial Spa and it’s overflowing with the high rollers from all across the galaxy. It’s a big space ship right? There’s enough bed space for a cool 50,000 paying customers. Even with the massive income generated from the rich folk there’s no way you can afford to pay your staff to cater to every whim of your quests.

You’ve got casino’s to run, massages to give, cleaning to do, beds to made, food to be cooked and served…and so on. The way to get around the problem is put your clone army to better use. They don’t need to be paid. Just train them in the art of hospitality. Take away their armour and blaster guns, pop them in a training suite for an afternoon and hey-ho presto you have your very own 6 Star Luxury Imperial Spa Hospitality Customer Service Clones!

# 3 The Imperial March!

Who hasn’t wondered what life would be like if you had your very own theme song? Imagine a variety of omnipresent music to accompany your actions. Everything from a lilting piano plink-plink for when you tip toe down the stairs, a studio uhhh-oh when you make a blunder at a dinner party, to the “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it…” music for when everything is going just fine!

The dark side has the best theme music outside of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Imagine sweeping down the ramp of your 6 Star Luxury Imperial Spa and greeting your guests to this motivational music:

The Jedi simply can’t match the showmanship, grace, power & all round awesomeness of the Imperial March.

#2 Lightning from your HANDS!

You’re a young Joe Palpatine, kicking around some dusty rock no one ever heard of, dreaming of one day making it big in the Sith ranks. You crave power and dominance over the galaxy because…well, it’s a job right? You imagine that one day you’ll own a vast fleet of big triangle-shaped space ships, and because your home world sucks you dream of building your own planet. But it all costs money.

So when you learn the trick for generating immense surges of lightning from your hands you earn money serving as a power station for all the towns and dirty hovels on your home world. One flick of your hands and the power is harnessed by some sort of super efficient storage device. The power companies pay you big time for your services. Over the years of Sith training you amass a fortune like no one else in galactic history. By the time you make your appearance on the political stage you have enough credits to order your space ships and buy a clone army.

Not only that but no one will ever need to buy fireworks for a New Year’s Eve party when you’re around!

Oh, and you get to wipe that boyish smirk off Luke Skywalker’s face too. At least for a while but it’s so worth it!

If those weren’t reason enough, you also get to shoot lightning from your HANDS!

# 1 Sith look cool!

At best the Jedi can muster a pseudo confident swagger. A kind of “we sort of know what we’re doing but let’s hope for the best and pray we don’t get our arses kicked again” playground strut. Considering the number of times the Jedi waltz into battle only to be sent packing by the dark side, you’d think they’d be lacking in confidence.  It shows occasionally too, you have to watch carefully to see it.

On the other hand the Sith march glide and storm their way into battle. They ooze cool with their flowing dark capes and bits of robe swishing about them as they dance through the air, Light Saber humming and crackling. Killing Darth Maul was a mistake. The guy was an artist. His brooding silent nature masked a torment of rage and desire to be in the thick of battle, to be glorious in life or death.

The Jedi simply can’t cut it when it comes to fashion sense. They look uncoordinated, unprotected and a bit flimsy. Okay, Anakin finally switched over from the Jedi Spring/Summer collection to rich Autumnal colours, but it was too little too late. The only drawback to their sleek dark style is Darth Vader. The leather meets technology meets bits of plastic never really did it for me.

If you’re still not convinced check out this video from Star Wars The Old Republic to see how cool the Sith really are.

Okay, for you Jedi fans check out this inspiring cool video that highlights how good can combat evil.

From World of Warcraft to The Old Republic.

I played World of Warcraft for a number of years, loved it loads too. But I lost interest about a year ago for many reasons. I ran a guild and made some great friends, spent many hours laughing as the chat rolled on by and thoroughly enjoyed the challenges of organising people to run dungeons together. Sadly as time went on an increasing amount of my game time was taken up standing in one city or another, trying to settle arguments, organise people into well-balanced groups and fun activities – and spent little time playing and enjoying the game.

I saw many guilds fall apart for so many reasons, and part of me was glad mine went the same way. People left to join other guilds where their real life friends were, or moved servers, or stopped playing. I had other real life stuff to get on with and I slowly withdrew from the game. I don’t consider my time in WoW to be wasted – I had some amazing adventures and I’d rather spend my spare time chatting and questing with people across the globe than watching TV. It made me happy.

After I stopped playing WoW I wrote more, and rekindled my passion for creating my own worlds. I kept my eye open for another MMO and played AION for a while, although my verdict is that the game sucked. It was too clean and the story lines were pretty poor. After that I played RIFT, that was fun, very similar to WoW with some good twists, but I found it hard to make friends who were interested in fun. Everyone wanted to reach max level at any cost, and whilst that is a goal it’s not why I play online games.

So when I heard about The Old Republic I wondered if such a massively popular story could be translated successfully into an online game that had all the good stuff of the Star Wars universe, combined with solid story lines and quality interaction with other players.

Why Sith?

I’m happy to say that is has fulfilled my wish list perfectly. The story lines are simply amazing. The Sith story was of particular interest to me because I wanted to know more about the mystery that surrounded the dark side. I don’t play anywhere near as much or as often as I did when I played WoW, but I am enjoying it more than I expected. I’ve made a few friends and joined some quality groups where the humour is quick and the players don’t take themselves too seriously.

So far I’ve created a Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer (yes lightning from the HANDS!) a Sith Warrior Juggernaut – intense light saber action! I also have a Jedi Sage because the healer in me needs to protect my fellow players just as it did with my healer Night Elf Druid in WoW. I’ve dabbled with some of the other characters, Smuggler, Trooper etc and found each story line very well laid out and they all keep me wanting more.

For the time being I’m happy running around this new world, or many worlds once you get your own space ship! If I had to pick a class that depicts my nature in real life I’d have to choose the Jedi Sage or in WoW the healer Druid. It’s the reward of healing people that lures me. However, I am thoroughly loving the dark calculated nastiness of the Sith Inquisitor, the menacing stare, the flowing robes, the raw power that crackles beneath the surface.

To that end I bid all you adventures of the MMO world happy hunting, be that World of Warcraft, The Old Republic or Hello Kitty Island Adventure!


11 thoughts on “Five Reasons I Wish I Was A Sith Lord

  1. This is very interesting. Though I would not consider myself an MMO gamer, I might just give this one a go. I’m usually too busy to play games, nor am I a Sci Fi afficionado, your description of the posssibilities seem enticing to me.

    Maybe I’ll see you around the Galaxy sometime.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    1. My pleasure. It’s certainly worth a play just for the story lines, even if you’re not into the whole guild/group/raid scene, and the scenery is pretty outstanding too. A very polished game.

  2. I’m not into games such as WoW usually, but you have me intrigued, I may have to try this one! I didn’t want to be either Sith or Jedi (definitely NOT Jedi, too goody, goody lol) but more of a rebel in between. I was never good at picking sides, I see the both sides I suppose.

    1. AH well, then this is the game for you! You can choose a Smuggler instead, the Han Solo style, very much in his own side, picking and choosing who to fight for so long as it’s for money. Or you could choose a Bounty Hunter, kinda the same thing, so long as they get paid they don’t have long term allegiances.

      Having said that there is a unique twist in this game. The choices you make earn you Dark or Light side points. So you can be a bad Sith Warrior type and make good decisions and earn Light Side points. Or you can be an enlightened Jedi goody goody and make evil decisions and earn Dark Side points!

      When I played WoW there was often a saying when Horde players were enticing Alliance players to cross over: “Come to the Dark Side – we have cookies!”

  3. Wow. Someone finally made the latter movies sound interesting to me! And now I wanna play the game! No fair I call foul! Or would that be fowl? LOL

    I’d love to have time to crawl into the Old Republic world. It sounds like a great time, and I know my friends love it. Thanks for sharing, Dave. Great post!

    1. Thanks Raven! The latter movies were great fun, although flawed in some ways and not as good as the originals. The Phantom Menace was a poor title choice. Some plot elements were horribly forced to fit the story laid out in the originals too. But put all that aside and it’s still an epic saga.

      And the Old Republic oozes story lines and epic sagas are around every corner. It’s one of the few games I’ve played where I really do care about my actions and the choices I make.

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