The Bullies are coming, hand me that Nuke!

Imagine the following scenario:

You’re in the playground at school.

Mostly the other kids are getting along okay, some minor arguments and scuffles, nothing major. Usually the big kids sort of the problems when a fight breaks out, there’s only one school yard so everyone needs to get along. Over time you notice that the big kids have a lot of power over the small kids, they’re a bit like a police force, sorting out disputes and breaking up fights. They’re not always good though. They let others join their gang but, but not others, and you can’t work out why.

There seem to be some rules but they don’t make much sense. One day in the playground you notice the big kids storm over to a bunch of little kids. There’s an argument about how the little kids are planning some kind of prank. The big kids break them up and separate them. Make them look foolish and ruin their fun.

From your point of view that doesn’t look much like peace keeping, and as the days go on you realise the big kids aren’t so much stopping the fighting as secretly initiating it then making a profit by stealing the others kids toys and candy.

You spot another kid like you, sat on his own, minding his own business.

He makes a few comments about the big kids being bullies and that you should watch out or they’ll come after you soon. What for? You haven’t done anything wrong. But you can see the way the big kids look at you, as if daring you to do something wrong, give them a chance and they’ll lay the law of the playground on you.

One day you watch your lonesome friend get accosted by the big kids. They take his candy away and make him cry. You realise the kid was right, they’re not helping but bullying. You realise you need to protect yourself. And why not? The big kids have a gang and fists and nasty words. They could hurt you. So you make sure to keep your candy hidden and your fists ready, just in case.

What gives the big kids the right to push their ideas and rules on you? And if they do you have every right to be scared and want to protect yourself. If they can use their fists then you can use yours, then everyone would be equal, it would be a fair fight.

Only you realise it won’t be. The big kids meet you at the school gates and threaten to beat you if you don’t share your candy with them. They say if you hand it over they’ll leave you alone. They’ve done it before to plenty of other kids and you’re next.

You push them off and hurry into the playground.

Why do they do that to the other kids? And why do it to you? You’re not hurting anyone. In fact you would have gladly shared your candy if they had just asked politely, and maybe everyone could have swapped bits of candy with each other. Pretty soon all the kids would be happy again, and the playground would be a safe place.

But it isn’t going to happen. Every day you see some kid with a black eye, crying in the corner. But at the same time you see gangs of kids having fun and ruling the school with nasty looks, spiteful words and fists that hurt.

So you sit in the playground and wait.

You know the fight is coming.

The bullies are constantly looking at you, almost daring you to share your candy with anyone except them. You promise yourself that when they finally come and try to hurt you, you’re gonna make them pay for it. You’re not afraid of them. They’re going to get a surprise if they hurt you.

When they hurt you.

They’ll get what’s coming to them. And the rest of the playground will see you weren’t the one in the wrong. You have very little candy and only two fists. You’ll be standing up to bullies that have ruled the playground for so long that all the other kids have grown used to it. They march all over the playground as if the teachers have appointed them guardians of the school.

The big kids aren’t peacekeepers but, tyrants, thieves and frightened little bullies.

You hate bullies.

And one day you’ll stand up to them.

You’ve got Nukes. I’m scared of you. Think I’ll get me some Nukes too.

I read the newspapers and watch the news on TV. I check in every day on the net to see what’s going on in the world. In the last few years, wait, let’s say 20 years to be on the safe side, I’ve watched many conflicts around the world. It’s terrible stuff. I don’t claim to understand every single facet of international politics but I get the idea of how things work and can form my own opinions on why they work.

I don’t believe every shred of what the news tells my eyes and ears. I take things with a pinch of salt, as my Nan says. Call it cynicism if you prefer, though as I’ve said before I don’t buy into conspiracy theories despite the fun to be had.

I am somewhat baffled at the behaviour of certain nations on this tiny fragile planet, or playground, and how they seem to think they know what’s best for everyone.

It seems that the US and UN have a lot of power and thrive on ramming it in the faces of others. Take the war of terror in Iraq, based on none existent weapons of mass destruction. I’m not questioning the soldiers who died, they did their job with honour and bravery.

I question the reasons for going to war in the first place. The big kids wanted to take some candy from the little kid, Iraq, because another kid ruined their toys and blamed on someone else. Without any evidence the big kids decide to hurt Iraq. They knew that at some point the candy shop was going to close and they needed to make damn sure the playground continued to have a constant supply of candy. The big kids needed to put on a show of power and keep the rest of the kids towing the line.

I have questions.

So many questions.

And outrage.

I feel intense anger at what I see these supposedly peaceful nations doing to other countries just because they say they can. I know I’m simplifying everything here, and there are always countless factors that go into international politics, but if I’m making it simple then it’s a given that other nations who feel persecuted may see things just as simply.

And when things get that simple, well, the BIG RED BUTTON is always so inviting.

Iran insists its nuclear program is for power only. But the US or UN, call it what you will – big kids in the playground, the bullies – they don’t like that. Ooh, Iran is a rogue state, unstable, wrong, bad, evil…and so on. We must do everything in our power to stop them having any candy and make doubly sure they don’t learn how to use their fists as well.

Couple that with the fact that there’s a huge reservoir of hatred toward anyone who vaguely looks Muslim. Tommy Lee Jones in MiB said “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.” I watched a whole load of videos on YouTube where the common idiot on the street in America and the UK are openly racist about someone who might fit what the media portrays as a terrorist. And that is how fear is generated.

A wise man once said:

Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

If I was Iran, sat in the playground, I’d be scared shitless by the other countries with their vast armies and nuclear weapons.

Holy shit, I had better get me some of those weapons so I can defend myself just in case they come after me. And why not? I can’t remember the exact words spoke by the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but it went along the lines of: “Attack us and we’ll make you very, very sorry.”

And why not? If say, Australia, suddenly launched an attack on India or France, they’d have every right to punch them in the face and defend themselves. Can’t we see things from Iran’s point of view? Every other powerful nation has a huge stockpile of nuclear weapons and armies that march all over the plane without question or apology. Iran must be scared. It doesn’t matter if they’re making nuclear weapons, or plan to, they have the right to defend their country.

Okay, I understand that the international community is worried that Iran may sell their nukes to other countries or allow their uranium to get “lost” somewhere. But the same can be said for any country with that kind of terrifying capability.

What gives the Big Kids the right to impose their morals, laws and ethics on other kids?

I’ll tell you.

Violence has brought an end to every single conflict since the dawn of time.

It doesn’t matter what form in comes in, physical, mental, intimidation, subtle hints, gestures, reading between the lines. Whatever. It boils down to this: If you don’t do what I say I’ll hit you with my fists, big stick, club, gun, bomb, army, nuclear weapons, until you give in.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this but if you look at how the big kids are currently acting in the playground, how they march about, giving others orders, hitting, stealing candy, starting fights, never being blamed…and so on, doesn’t it remind you of another bunch of bullies from 67 years ago? Not out right obviously, but it seems similar.

Instead the US wants to put a Starbucks on every corner in the Middle East, a GAP in every market and in exchange they’ll get the right to suck the oil out of those countries to keep the world economy ticking along a little while longer.

The world runs on oil. Everything else is irrelevant. Without it we’re screwed.

So in the end the big kid wants something, big kid uses force to get it.

I could list a range of links here but the internet being what it is, there’s little chance of adding any credibility to my argument. Try Googling: “how many countries have nuclear weapons” or “what happens when the oil runs out” and you’ll find answers and probably more questions too.

Not exactly a cheery topic for my Inspirational Monday Post!

This post was supposed to be about my novel, The Range, and how happy I am that I’ve started the edit on the next draft. It’s going awesomely by the way! But when I got home from work I saw the news articles below and had to write something about it:

Iran Starts Uranium Enrichment Underground, at Voice of America:

And this article at The Independent:

Reckless talk of war with Iran makes confrontation a probability.

And so after my long-winded rant (I really needed to get it out of my system for a while!) I’d to end this post on a happy note so I’ll leave you with a nice picture of fluffy bunnies!

Cute, right? Yeah, you know they’re cute!

15 thoughts on “The Bullies are coming, hand me that Nuke!

  1. Holy shit this is a lot of information.
    and I realize I must start editting my nano book if you are doing editing. Bummer. I guess. Since I am monumentally lazy. Stop being so motivated.

    1. Yes you must! Just think of all those words you wrote, all lonely and waiting for you to make them happy. They’re probably asking each other: “What happened? Did we do something bad? She hasn’t looked at us for ages. Waaaaah, I miss my creator!”

  2. Hi Dave,
    Thought provoking post, but I do disagree with your comment “reservoir of hatred toward anyone who vaguely looks Muslim” I do not hate Muslims; I am only scared of the fanatics.
    But scared not hate. In fact, I tried to engage a Muslim blogger on her post about religion. She was the one who was closed to any other religion except Islam. I open my heart and mind to all religions and am a great believer in religious tolerance…but I don’t judge all Muslims to be the same.

    Bullies come in all shapes and sizes. If you have ever read the book A Thousand Splendid Suns…and “The Kite Runner” you will understand what I mean. There is also bullying in the name of religion – where women are stoned to death and beaten by their husbands.
    Violence will NEVER be the solution.

    I hate the bullies and how the “Powerful” countries set themselves up to Police the world. Trouble is they have double standards.

    Mr. Piglet was picked on by the village bully. When Mr P went home and told his Dad…his Dad kicked him out of the house and told him to go give the village bully a beating. Mr, Piglet, caught the bully off guard. Gave him a pasting and then ran like hell. The point is we have to stand up to the bullies. They feed on peoples fear.

    OK mini rant over LOL 🙂

    1. Okay, maybe reservoir was a bit overkill. I watched a whole ton of videos on YouTube where actors were put in shops where they pretended to be racist against people in order to illicit a similar response from normal customers. I was shocked when so many of them joined in, being openly racist. It was disgusting

      I’ve just added those two books to my Amazon wish list. I was bullied at school, not all the time, just a handful of times but it was quite severe. After I left school I stood up to one of them who thought school yard rules still applied. They didn’t and he got what he deserved. Yes we do have to stand up to bullies although it’s often hard to see who the real bullies are when bullying is seen as so normal that it doesn’t even look like bullying.

      You can’t beat a good rant, eh PiP!

  3. Very rare to see any kind of rant from you Dave so obviously the news upset you enough if you felt the need to write about it. I can’t say I blame you either. I fear the US/UN may start a war with Iran and while I don’t think Ahmadinejad is a kindly chap sipping tea, I don’t think engaging in (yet another) war is the right path for anyone.

    Sadly, Muslims have become the new scapegoat to fear. Yes, there are extremists, there are places that follow sharia law and stone women to death, it is horrible and I wish it wasn’t happening. However, I think the fear of extremists has turned into fear and hatred of all Muslims, and that is wrong.

    Unfortunately, feeding the fear, the anger, and hatred, seems to be the way of the world lately. Blaming ‘the other’ is justification for almost anything. After all, Hitler blamed the Jews for all of Germany’s woes. It only takes one madman to run with the fear, build the hatred and continue the belief that violence is the only solution.

    1. I don’t rant much these days, but I couldn’t help myself with this one. Ahmadinejad probably does have a nice cup of tea, safe in a luxurious palace of finery, but maybe as he mulls over his next diabolical plan or how to slip out some juicy misinformation about their nuclear program being peaceful.

      Extremists come in all walks of life and it’s sad when the rest of the population brand everyone else with the same brush of hatred and fear. It’s funny how the media brands sections of the community as “ethnic minorities” but where I used to live I was in the minority. My local neighbourhood consisted of very few white people, and that’s not a racist comment, merely an observation. Not that I cared. An idiot is still an idiot regardless of colour or religious belief.

      So by the media’s rule did that mean I was untrustworthy? Was I the one to be watched out for? I hate racial pigeon holing as it serves to separate communities. To some degree movies have a lot to answer for by consistently portraying Muslims as the bad guy with a bomb. Why can’t it be a guy from Yorkshire or some place in Belgium no ones ever heard of?

      Because they don’t conjure up the same level of fear that is being cultivated in the general public. I long for a time where people won’t point sticks at one another but say: “Hey, you’re different, and that’s fine, let’s celebrate our diversity instead of attacking each other over it.”

      I wonder if that will ever happen.

  4. In response to your comment. Nor reply option 😦
    I don’t think people are inherently racist. But the PC brigade and their “positive” discrimination approach MAKES people racist, as they see some aspects PC unfair.
    Take for example…Some years ago I was running a marketing campaign to sell training courses. After a long chat with a fire chief it transpired he had to recruit so many “ethnic minorities” whether they were suitable or qualified for the job or not. IS this fair? No it descrimates against those who were qualified -regardless of colour. If the situation was reversed it would be considered discrimnation.

    1. Oh for sure, that sucks big time. And that kind of discrimination is pretty sickening. I hear a lot of young out of work people in the UK moaning about how immigrants are taking all the jobs. That’s so wrong.

      I listened to an interview on the radio with a guy who owns a private cab company and something like 99% of his drivers are all Polish. He hires them because they turn up on time, work very well, are polite and never bitch and moan. He admitted he has hired British drivers but they were sloppy, late, didn’t care and were always off sick. Now I wouldn’t call that discrimination but good business sense!

      But some folk don’t see it that way and that’s a shame.

  5. Rant away. During the election before last, I had displayed on my porch window a list of 10 reasons why the Iraq war was immoral. The postal delivery man knocked on my door and thanked me for the information.

    My email to the local MP, re the same subject, eventually arrived at its destination, but I had very strange print-out from google daemon, suggesting it had gone through some sort of security scan first.

    Watch your back, Dave – they’ll be after you, too, whoever ‘they’ are 😉

  6. Say what….?

    Those bunnies are cute though 😀

    Seriously though, I do think that some are bullies and that some are doing what they’re doing for their own interest rather than being heroes – saving the world – the way it can be made out to be. What is sad for me though is that innocent people are dying on both sides but instead of seeing it as sad and tragic opposition is made out as having deserved it, while the bullies are made out to be heroes. In the end it is really just sad. How many sees it that way? Maybe that is all it really is…

    1. It is sad. And the funny thing is that I think the reason for fighting, or the start of the many arguments, or long standing ones and deep rooted ones have lost their meaning. People squabble and kill each other because the previous generation did, the reasons have been lost or are pointless now.

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