Writing Tips Wednesday – NaNoWriMo Inspiration!

Every Wednesday I’ll be sharing some hints and tips about how to improve your writing. These are basic things I have learned over the years, from writers websites, published authors and constructive feedback from friends, family and online pals.

There is an argument that fiction writing cannot be taught because it comes from talent alone, it is in your nature to be creative. Whilst there is some truth in that, even the most creative person needs to learn how to use their ability and make the best of their craft.

This week: Inspirational wallpaper for NaNoWriMo!

This weeks topic doesn’t actually have much to do with writing in the direct sense. As NaNoWriMo is fast approaching I’ve been reading through the forums. I stumbled across some inspirational desktop wallpaper designed by WriMo’s. You can search around if you like or click this link to see the calming serene desktop wallpaper designed to ease your writing chaos – not sure it works but hey, whatever floats your boat!

NaNoWriMo Updates:

Web Badges.

For those of you wondering about web badges, like the one I have over on the right, you can find a selection on the NaNoWriMo website – click here.


The word widgets and other fun toys are coming soon. You can now log in and edit your author info and create your novel title, give a genre and write a short synopsis, if you’ve got that far yet!


These are up and running after NaNo took down the old ones and gave the website a bit of an update.


We like stuff don’t we, dear blog reader? Well the NaNo store is now open where you can purchase all manner of goodies, from t-shirts and hoodies, to key rings and other assorted happy trinkets!

NaNo Team Indy Desktop Wallpaper!

In celebration of NaNo month I spent a merry hour mucking about with some graphics to create some inspirational wallpaper of my own. A couple are NaNo themed, and a couple are NaNo Team Indy themed, just like the web badges that you can find at Indigo Spider by clicking  right heeeeeeere!

So as far as writing tips for this week, I apologise if I have left you wanting. Rather than writing about writing I graphically designed about writing instead! So take a peek at the pictures below, right click, save, use em, stick em on your desktop, spread em around if it please ya!

Just make sure you click them to make them all big and chunky, otherwise looking at them on my blog, they don’t look all that impressive!

All images are 1024 x 768 pixels in size. I didn’t have the energy to make bigger or smaller ones. My screen is a pretty large resolution and they all look decent enough. I’m not sure if I take requests…well maybe, let me know if you fancy something different and I’ll crank one out for you.

Basic NaNoWriMo – Followed the herd here. Nice and simple using NaNo theme logo thingy.

1920’s Art Deco Red Theme – Like the NaNoTeamIndy web badges.

1920’s Art Deco Blue Theme – Like the NaNoTeamIndy web badges.

New NaNo Web Badge Theme – Inspirational words to get you through the month! And a soothing tropical beach scene to ease your word riddled brain when the coffee runs out! My favourite!

That’s all folks! I’m off to eat yummy food! Tweet ya later!

Write for you. Write with passion. Love it. Live it.


Don’t see anything you like?

Let me know if you’d like a NaNo desktop wallpaper thingy in a different theme?

If you have any writing tips and advice and feel like sharing, pop me an email or rant in the box below!

19 thoughts on “Writing Tips Wednesday – NaNoWriMo Inspiration!

    1. Well it’s not all about the wordsmithing! Every so often I love getting engrossed in a few hours of graphic design, and remind myself that I used to get paid for it!

    1. Thanks HoaiPhai! I used to do a lot of graphic design work for a living so it’s second nature to whip up a few pics now and then. I have to admit that I’m struggling to keep my own blog reading up, so I hang my head in shame.

  1. Amazing Thank You!
    – I am at the target! finally after starting on day 4!
    Urgh the end seems v. far away!
    lol today ‘yay I just had a shower! – Yep routine is out the window!

    1. Congrats on reaching your target but try not to think of the end, that’s just something that happens later, much later. Enjoy the journey because that’s far more of a thrill than simply writing 50k!

  2. Great graphics. I shared one on my post for November 1st 2013. Hope that was okay. Let me know if you’d like me to bring it down. 🙂

    – Ermisenda

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