Beware of Zombies!

beware of zombiesI have no idea who sprayed this cool bit of graffiti. I love it.

It gets straight to the point without an entire mass of swirling colours and insane imagery.

Someone somewhere has a message to make and they’re not beating about the bush.

12 thoughts on “Beware of Zombies!

  1. Sometimes without even trying you find the coolest stuff! When I see cool stuff I never have a camera within reach, dern!

  2. You know, when the zombies come, they will hit the UK first, then take a ship to Canada, then come down the east coast. So, when they arrive at your door, please let me know. Gives me a bit of time to prepare! 🙂

    1. Hey no problem! While they’re bashing my front door in and I’m fighting them off with a big stick I’ll just hop on WP or Twitter and send you a message! If you like I can put a big sign post out front with something like: “Port That Way => Tasty fresh meat ahead!”

      Hehe 😉

    1. The graffiti is a bit worrying. Instead of plastering huge letters the artists decided something subtle would be more suitable. No “OMFG ZOMBIES! RUN!” but more like a quiet whisper in spray paint: “um, guys, you wanna, you know, beware of the zombies, yeah?”

      The smaller sign is always more worrying!

  3. I usually don’t agree with graffiti (i.e. unsolicited graphics on another party’s property) but this is fun! It’s understated, compact, and the typography is appealing in its imperfection. The flairing of the laetters on the right suggest that the stensil was held in place by a left hand while hurriedly sprayed with the right hand…as if done in a panic while trying to evade the undead (more likely, but less poetic, it was probably done quickly to evade detection by the landowner).

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