Weekly Photo Challenge: More Flowers!

It seems I really do have a thing for sunflowers this week! This weekend we visited some fine friends for a slice of birthday cake and cheer. I’m always in awe of this amazing house, it makes you feel suddenly at ease the moment you step over the threshold. The atmosphere is calming, the décor…well I find it hard to describe it so a few keywords will have to do: zen, harmonious, peaceful, relaxing, exciting.

This photo was taken in the living room, an amazingly comfortable place to relax, the beautiful Buddha’s head sits atop a wood burner, there are tapestries adorning the walls and sofas you just won’t want to leave! Oh, and a gorgeous sunflower too!

zenAs you can see the living room is a place of harmony and peace. These flowers really caught my eye, so delicate and vibrant. I’m not really a flower fan, honest! I see them all around me but I never take much notice. But these were beautiful and I couldn’t resist snapping them!

zen flowers

Okay, one last photo! This from the kitchen, on the side of the fridge.

Guaranteed to raise a smile!

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: More Flowers!

  1. Love the flowers, love the quote and love their decorating style! I wanna sit in their living room 🙂

  2. Right now the fields are adorned with tons of yellow little flowers that looks like miniature sunflowers. They remind me much of the ‘kosmos’ in South Africa except that those are white and pink/purple shades – like the little white flower in the arrangement. They grow wild as well and yes, also between autumn and winter. Where we are it is now also between autumn and winter – simply gorgeous!

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