What’s Pink, Green & Fluffy?

Hey there dear blog reader! I want to share a few photos with you that show my love for clouds and quirky scenes from Cambridge. If I lived near the ocean I’d spend a whole lot of time snapping away at the changing weather as it rolled over the sea. However, being stuck inland isn’t so bad, I can still take some decent photos!

Suffolk skiesThis one was taken one afternoon in early July. I’m taking a series of photo’s at the same spot throughout the year to capture the changing seasons. I plan to take a selection of snaps to the printers, maybe placed on canvas but I’m not sure yet. They will then be hung on the wall side by side to create a landscape of seasons. I hope to get some great snow-scapes in the winter too!

Suffolk skiesAbout a week ago I was suffering from severe headaches to the point where I couldn’t sleep more than a few hours. I took this photo at sunrise, about 5am, when I went for a stroll around the lanes in the village. It struck me as funny because it looked as if a giant hand had imprinted the peace sign in the clouds. Very apt I thought.

Cambridge bicyclesAnd finally I thought I’d share this photo with you. I took it one morning in July whilst in Cambridge. I was sat enjoying a strawberry smoothie and watching people lock up their bicycles. When I arrived the place was empty but after about 15 minutes all these bikes had been locked up, their owners hurrying off to shop or work. Cambridge sure is a bicycle town!

13 thoughts on “What’s Pink, Green & Fluffy?

  1. You take nice pictures – cool peace sign!! Then Cambridge is a place where I’d enjoy getting around for sure. I love cycling, but I also like driving, so I’d have to make room for both! 🙂

  2. Why are you “stuck inland” – have you no transport? Not sure where you live but anywhere near Cambridge, isn’t the sea just about 2 hours drive away?

  3. Those pictures of the sky just make me want to lay in a field somewhere. Breathtaking! The bikes? I’m partial to the heap-o-bikes you shared with us last week 🙂

  4. You are an amazing photographer! I absolutely am in love with the first picture, so beautiful and vibrant. They are all wonderful tho! 🙂

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