Blog Theme Change!

Hi there dear blog reader! You should have noticed my blog has changed! I felt the time had come to move on and mature or “grow the hell up” as some people might say! With the recent blog name change I thought the little green noober wasn’t carrying his weight, shame, I liked having him around! Anyway I wanted a fresh new theme. If you’re interested it’s called Mystique and can be customised in so many ways.

I’m still ironing out the bugs and getting to grips with the new layout, but I quite like it, especially the funky multi-tasking widget on the right. And yes, those are photos of me up there, taken this afternoon. Point and laugh!

I haven’t done much writing this last week, been suffering from major headaches to the point where the last thing I wanted to do was stare at a screen. Usually it’s my finger tips that complain due to over use, but right now my eyes are in agony. Yeah, yeah, I should go to bed. I’m stupid. Slap me with a big fish…er, or something!

Ah well, all writers suffer at some point…don’t they? Besides I thought it was the courteous thing to do to let ya’ll know the theme had changed. Actually I guess you would have figured that out the moment you saw it…hmm, I could just delete all this and go get some sleep. Nah. I’m good for another 10 mins or so.

Went to visit the family the weekend and met my nephew, baby George for the first time. He’s a real cute handsome chap, going to be a heart breaker and a head turner when he’s older. Glad I wrote Letter to Baby George now, now I’ve met the little chap I feel honoured to have written to him.

Getting Organised…well, kinda!

This week I’ll be knuckling under and penning something for the SPP which, sadly, I have missed out on this last week. Also I’ll be returning to Arcane Insane to find out what Janey and Mojo are up to. Also I need to spend some time reading, the emails keep coming in and I keep promising myself to take time and read…sigh….stupid life getting in the way!

Apologies for saying I would write more last week, headaches and eyes haven’t been my friend recently. Sigh. On the plus side I have a shiny new car, well new but old if you get my drift! And I start a new job this week too! Yay!

Happiest Day of the Year!

I heard on the news that Saturday 6th August had been voted the UK’s happiest day, with the hours of 6pm to 7pm as the happiest hours of the year! I didn’t really believe such silliness until we were on our way home from spending a wonderful afternoon with my family. We stopped at Corley Services on the motorway outside Birmingham, stretched out legs and gave the car (nicknamed Blurple by the way!) a drink of gas.

Right outside the entrance to the snacky shops we bumped into Graham Taylor, legendary England football team manager! Amazing! A few minutes later we met Ollie Murs who was busy trying to choose which sandwich to buy, though he was interrupted plenty of times by adoring fans! He was gracious and smiling, very nice chap who wished us a good trip! So our youngest, gushing and blubbering with admiration, had her photo taken with Ollie!

That’s about it for the moment. Hope you like the new theme. I’m not sure I like the white of the title, it seems a bit bland, wishy-washy to me, maybe it would better if it had some colour. Let me know if you think it sucks!

I shall leave you with this wonderful picture I took in my sister’s garden on Saturday. True words indeed.

Follow your dreams

28 thoughts on “Blog Theme Change!

  1. Love the change Dave! It is so bright and happy, plus the pics at the top amazing and funny!

    I suffer from sever headaches too, I think all writers do. You need more breaks from the computer screen, have you tried turning down the brightness? That really helped me!

    Love the changes! 🙂

  2. I like the new look, especially the funky multi-tasking widget over thar on the right! Is that part of this theme or something you picked up somewhere else? Or is this a new WP widget that I have to discover? Details, I need details on that nifty little widget!

    I think you could keep the little green guy as your mascot. I’ll miss him if he goes away completely 😦

    As for the title, hmm… I don’t think color would work, I like the monochromatic theme with the b/w photos and just the white title, leaving that last photo in color. I think it works.

    In regards to the headaches — do you have an ergonomic chair? I suffered terrible headaches for a long time and my doctor said it wasn’t my head, it was my back (poor posture at the computer) causing strain which was giving me headaches. Once I got a nice, ergo chair with a high back and I got a pillow that also supports my neck better when I sleep, voila, headaches much less frequent and not as severe. Just a suggestion. They really do ruin a day once they get really bad. Feel better!

    1. Thanks Indigo! The widget thingy is available with this specific theme, I’ve only tried a handful of themes so I’m not entirely sure if you can get it with a different one. Would be cool if it was made to work on other themes.

      I so want to use the green noober guy somewhere! Will give that some thought, oooh maybe I’ll use it on certain themed posts!

      My chair is a bit of a joke, it must be about 15 years old, it’s battered and worn out, if it could talk it would laugh at the word ergonomic! I guess it might be time to invest in a decent chair! I do have one of those memory foam pillows though! It’s great but I’ve only been able to grab a few hours sleep and now I’m awake again, stupidly the first thing I did was power up the PC! I just lowered the brightness on the screen like April suggested and it easy on the eyes.

      Hmm, a new chair and a trip to the doctors is in order.

  3. Carta ao bebê George, a emoção me envolvel de tal forma
    que não contive as lagrimas uma história para ser lida muitas
    e muitas vezes, depois pintar em nossos corações já é Vermelho
    por natureza, e em seguida de Azul e branco. Eu amo suas
    histórias, redação, narativas ficção, e tudo mais. O visual aqui
    Ficou melhor. Amigo Dave Farmer, eu gostaria que você continue
    Seus trabalhos escritos. Não importa se for sobre crítica, ficção ou
    qualquer genero, você é um garoto muito capaz, e dor de cabeça passa !

    Sim amigo siga em frente, seu trabalho é muito lindo e seus leitores
    apresian muito pela boa técnica de raciocinio e escrita muito boa !

    Tudo de Melhor Sempre!

  4. I LOVE the new blog look! No, the white is not bland at all. Too busy can be a problem too. Sometimes the keeping it simple works well! Where DO you find the time for a job?! Congrats on the ‘new’ car. May you have many, many happy miles! (or do you also use km’s like a normal person? haha) Who’s Ollie…? Another writer perhaps? Overall… I love the new look!

    1. Yay! Thanks! Thankfully the new job is only part time but it is some distance away so the car is perfect timing! The UK is weird, we still use miles but KM’s have been grasping for attention for a long time, but we’re resisting the change somewhat!

      Ollie Murs is a singer, he was on The X-Factor a couple of years ago. He didn’t win the show but has gone on to release some great songs. Really nice guy.

  5. Your new blog is NOT bland. It looks just fine. Your words are what mesmerize me, anyway!
    Hope those headaches go away. I will miss noobcake, but only because I was used to him. Seeing you, the real you, is a treat in itself (even though you are probably younger than my son….aaarrrgh…such is life).
    Congrats on the new look. Can’t wait to read your novel!

    1. Thanks Whisperer of Words! I’m going to miss noobcake too, but I reckon I’ll find space for him somewhere, a weekly post of some sort I think would keep him happy!

      Now I’ve changed my name and theme I’m happy to start talking about my novel so expect regular updates about that with an introduction this week.

  6. I love the new theme! The only thing I will miss is your gravatar picture 😦 that funny smiley face really stood out and made me laugh. Not that your own face is not smiley 🙂 just different 🙂

    Hope you are feeling better soon 🙂


  7. I’m loving the make-over of your site!

    most of all it’s nice to see my little ‘follow your dreams’ plaque on here.

    love from your little sister x

  8. Thank God you changed your theme! I liked the old one but when I saw the new one, I thought my retinas were in spasm! So, you name your car, too, eh? Lovely piece! Hope the headaches go away (anything to do with truncheons while you were out doing some “shopping” this week?).

    1. Thanks! The blog change was long overdue and I’m relieved it’s all done now. Of course I named my car, everything has to have a name! The headaches have subsided to a dull roar now, after taking a break from writing for a few days. No truncheons though and the only shopping I’ve done is to buy Corn Flakes, milk and a burger!

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