Noobcake name change – don’t panic!

Dave Farmer – Writer, Blogger, Noobcake! I’ve taken the plunge and changed my blog from Noobcake to Dave Farmer, my real name! Actually it’s David but I’ve never felt all that comfortable with the way it rolled off my tongue, and besides I wanted a new domain name and was taken. The title and tag line thingy have changed too, but the noobcake is still there! will now be redirected to the slightly more wordy, although I actually wanted the much neater but that was taken. Sigh. Hey-ho. Don’t worry, it all looks pretty much the same as it was, it better or there will be some fuming and banging of heads against keyboards! If you see anything wrong or stuff doesn’t work please let me know with a quick rant.

WordPress have an excellent library of help files and tutorials but moving one blog to another or renaming one isn’t as easy as they make out. I’m still a bit confused about my actual username because when I log into WP it doesn’t seem to understand “davefarmersblog” so I try “noobcake” and hey-presto! I’m in. I’ve made the new blog the primary one but it still wants the old noobcake. Weird.

For now I’ll keep things as they are, colours, theme, etc, but I want a fresh look with my photo at the top, you know, a bit more professional looking. I took some photos earlier but they made me look like a serial killer! Baby steps though. I’ll find a pic of me that doesn’t give folks the heebie-jeebies!

Quick question about the actual title – what do you think is better: Dave Farmer or Dave Farmer’s Blog?

26 thoughts on “Noobcake name change – don’t panic!

  1. I like either name personally. Let me ask you, did you change the primary domain (name change) or did you transfer to a new wordpress blog. Reason why I ask is, if you change the primary domain name, do you lose all media uploaded to the previous one?

  2. Brenda.

    I registered a domain with a UK web host company first, Then I went to my WP dashboard and the Manage Blogs section, and chose “Change Blog Address” then I added the new blog address “” and chose not to delete Noobcake, but keep it intact.

    Then I went to Upgrades, just under Dashboard, and bought the site redirect feature, $12 for a year I think, no idea what that is in UK Β£’s. Then I redirected every link and such like to and made that one the primary blog.

    Now when I log in, davefarmersblog has all the posts and stuff but if I click Noobcake from the My Blogs drop down menu it has 1 post in it! Haha!

    If you choose to abandon your current blog you DO lose everything, but if you keep it and add another then redirect you don’t lose your stuff.

    There is another way to do this that seems less stressful. Create a new WP account, and blog name, then go back into your old or current blog and transfer everything over to that new user name. It asks if you want to do it, then confirm and confirm again. Then when you log into your new account all that stuff should have arrived from your previous blog. I think you have to export and then import it in, something like that.

    I found it harder than it needed to be, over thinking it perhaps, or just stressing over losing all my posts, which for a second I held my breath when it said Noobcake – 1 post!! But it’s all good now!

  3. Congrats on taking the plunge! Personally, I prefer just “Dave Farmer” although I couldn’t tell you exactly why πŸ™‚

    I hope you don’t mind if I email you some questions about the name change and redirecting. I just got a .com domain and I’m hoping to redirect sometime soon. I’m afraid to take the plunge because I don’t want to lose anything… eeeks… seems so scary!

    1. Thanks! Sure, email away, I still can’t get my Gravatar to change from noobcake to davefarmer for some unknown reason. Grrr. Any questions just ask. It feels a bit awkward while going through it but I think it’s okay now.

  4. The Gravatars are a pain to change. You have to change it through Gravatar as well as in WP. I think it is under ‘Users’ than ‘My Profile.’ I had a devil of a time when I changed my Gravatar to the spider before I figured out it had to be done in both places.

  5. Photo’s can be so deceiving, can’t they? Take me for instance. I mean, I actually look just like Heather locklear in person, but you’d never know it by my photographs. Now if I can convince you of that one I got a bridge I’d like to sell ya! Ha..ha..
    I made the decision to bypass the whole thing on my name, and just bought outright. I’m happy now I did.

    1. And what a fab and funky name it is! Not only is it fun to say out loud but also makes anyone look twice just to make sure they’ve read it right. The first time I saw your name, and told a friend, they just stared at me like I’d spoken in some weird new language, then I showed them and they were “Oh, right, now I see it, cool name, why don’t you have one like that?” Um, thanks. Noobcake didn’t live up to their high expectations I reckon!

      1. Actually I’d love to take the credit for being original, but the name comes from my old cat, Pissy Kitty, and the fact that he was the only one of four cats who would cover up the shit in the litterbox. I thought how appropriate. How like myself. I am always fixing someone else’s mess when they take a dump. Thus pissy kitty’s litterbox was born.

  6. Best of luck in continuing in your new/old endeavour, if you know what I mean. Like a famous writer-guy once said, “A rose by any other name would still get redirected to the wrong site for a couple of weeks until the servers get used to the new name.”

  7. Wow and only not long ago I was talking about bloggers hiding behind a pen name! Well done for “coming out” πŸ˜‰ how does it feel to finally be you? πŸ˜‰

    1. I had to dump the mask, you see it was weighing me down, holding me back and making me cry into me pillow every night: “Why Noobcake!! Whhhhyyy!! I just want to be free!”

      Only jestin’ ya! I do love the name noobcake but I figure if I want to be taken seriously as a writer someday it’s best to use my own name, though I figure I’ll always be a bit noobish!

  8. I was wondering about the url!!! Congrats on the big unveiling though I’ll always think of you fondly as Noobcake. πŸ˜€ And I like Dave Farmer’s Blog as the title more so than Dave Farmer.

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