Adore Me!

puppySay hi to Tilly. She’s an adorable Retriever, Border Collie cross. She was supposed to leave puppy-hood behind when she had her 1st Birthday a few weeks ago, but I’m not sure she grasps this concept! This photo was one of those rare times where I was able to capture her without any blurryness! She can be a busy girl and is fascinated by the shiny logo on my Nokia N8. I was sat on the kitchen floor snapping away and out of 30 or so photos this one really stood out.

Whenever someone fetches out their phone or a camera she is there, prancing back and forth like a cat walk model! Oh adore me, love me, shoot me! She has a strange personality mix, sometimes she chases reflections or hunts flies for a quick snack, and other times she shows her wonderfully calm nature. She loves giving hugs, quite literally, one paw each shoulder, her head nestled against mine. She’s lovely!

In case you’re wondering, the lady in the background is our hairdresser. She was there to work her magic on our youngest for her high school prom! But naturally Tilly stole the show!

24 thoughts on “Adore Me!

    1. She’s amazing, even when she’s been bad and ripped up someone’s shoe laces, I can’t help but stick up for her and say she just so lovely!

      1. Can’t take the credit for the name I’m afraid, we “rescued” him from friends of ours who wanted to re-home him when our friend fell pregnant and couldn’t stand the puppy smell. Believe it or not, I haven’t read or seen the Lord of the Rings…probably the last person on the “civilized” world who hasn’t!

  1. Awww… give that sweet girl a little hug & kiss from the spider across the sea πŸ™‚

  2. She looks really sweet…great picture. They can really have some funny & good poses at times. If you get bored, click on the “Ledger” tab on my blog & see my dog!

    1. Ledger is ace! I love it when dogs sit like that! He looks so similar to our other dog, Ben, who’s a Boxer, Border Terrier cross. Apart from the size he has virtually the same features!

  3. Tilly is a beauty! Puppyhood eh? lasts till at least 18 months! Then, when they turn 2, they settle down somewhat – at least that’s how Mirza, our English Setter has done.

    1. When she wants to be! Otherwise we often find her hiding somewhere with a lace hanging out of her mouth, with a shoe attached to it. The expression on her face says: “What? What’s wrong? Oh this…well I didn’t know there was a shoe attached, how did that get there!!”

  4. Where would we be without our animals. They give us unconditional love when much of the world requires our blood sweat and tears.

    Hope your daughter enjoyed her prom. Memories, memories!!

    1. Oh the prom! All that build up, planning, preparations, tears, laughter, hair styles, dresses, fake tans, millions of text messages….and so on! And then it was all over in one night, but yes, a night filled with memories she will cherish.

  5. Over the past few months I’ve really learned to see dogs differently than I have till now. So much of it is in their eyes – just like a human. Looking at her eyes I wouldn’t guess her any other way than you’ve described her! She does look gentle and sweet indeed.

    1. She’s the most gentle dog I’ve ever seen, even when I give her a tasty treat she takes it so carefully from my fingers. She has very expressive eyes and a really weird tail! Instead of the whole thing wagging, just the very tip wags! It’s hilarious to watch!

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