Angry Mood!!!

I’m in an angry mood today and I hate it! I want to be all smiling and laughter but everything around me is grating on my nerves! I’m hoping that if I blog my fingers to the bone the anger will just drain right out of me.

So why am I so angry? Honestly, I have no idea. It’s like a gang of time of the month hormones jumped ship and invaded my usually calm oasis of serenity.

So, here’s my list of reasons to be angry today, even though they’re pretty stupid reasons they’re MINE!

#1. Sleepy time interrupted. Dragged out of bed for no reason. It’s Sunday and I wanted a lie in. I get rudely interrupted from a warm, cosy dream by someone phoning me asking if I’m getting up? Does it look like I am? Hey, I’m in bed which means I’m asleep! So that didn’t inspire any happy fun time mood right from the start. One day a week and I want no one hassling me. No one asking to come do a pointless chore, no idiotic questions that I don’t have to answer. Where’s the thing-a-me-bob gone? How the F should I know? Where did you last see the [insert random stupid object here]? I don’t know!!!! I am asleep!

#2. Arguing people. I’m all for a lively debate but sometimes I just don’t want to get involved. It should be pretty obvious that when one person is being quiet during an argument it means they don’t have anything to say or want to stay well out of it. Please don’t draw me into it!!! Oh no. I was asked my opinion! I just shrug and when I do speak no one listens because the argument has already moved on in the last 2 nano-seconds!

#3. Shopping trolleys. So we’re in the supermarket and I’m hauling around this huge trolley and my friend keeps putting her hand on it to guide it out of other folks way. Oh. I’m so happy you’re here with me! In the last 36,328 times I’ve been shopping on my own I’ve never had to steer my own trolley! How did I ever navigate the rush hour in the supermarket on my own? Take your hand off the shopping trolley!!!! I’m a big boy, I can do it, please let me do it!

#4. The Checkout. I try to put the cold foods together and frozen food together and the soft stuff together, but hey, if I don’t then so what?? Oh you’re doing it wrong again. The cheese shouldn’t be next to the soap powder on the conveyor belt thingy. And the bread should go in last because it will squashed. Um. And the heavy things should be done first. OH REALLY? Well when I go shopping on my own and no one else is there to guide me, it’s amazing that the food arrives at home perfectly fine isn’t it??

#5. Landlines. You have a mobile phone so bloody well use it to call your pals and not the land line! Our phone bill has gone bonkers recently because the kids are looking up their mates numbers on their mobile phones, then using the land line to call them! Use your bloody phone!!! If you don’t have any credit then go buy some!! You have a part-time job, so why should someone else pay for your social life?

#6. Noisy people. I understand that some folks only have 1 day off a week, Sunday, and they want to get certain things done like mow the lawn or do chores in the garden etc. But does that really mean you have to use every power tool at your disposal for 5 hours straight?! I swear one of neighbours must have lined up every gardening tool powered by petrol and worked his way through them. I had this vision of our neighbour sat in a chair with sly grin on his face and a chainsaw propped up next to him just whirring away. I was prevented from “having a word” because “we” don’t want to start a fight with the neighbours. Sigh.

#7. Telesales. I’ve already covered this topic in a previous post but today is Sunday! A day of rest and relaxation! Although I didn’t answer the phone I could still hear the moronic voice of someone asking if I want to buy [insert useless thing here] on the answer phone. So instead of turning it off and letting the phone ring and ring, I just pulled it out of the wall!


I’m done.

The rant is over.

Deep breaths. That’s the key.

In and out.

Feel the calmness soothing away the anger.


Do I feel any better?

Hmmm. Actually yes. A little. Thank the Lord WordPress for providing us with such a gift!

</anger management>

14 thoughts on “Angry Mood!!!

  1. LOL you sound like a boat for of women with PMT!

    Out of all the things you mentioned the thing I detest most is noise. I even wrote about it TOURISTS in TERRORIST season.

    Made me lagh re packing the shopping. I am always moaning at Mr Piglet he is doing it all wrong. Why put Crisps at the bottom of the bag then put the wine on TOP! It MUST be a man thing!


    Sorry Noob hope you’re feeling more like your old self soon πŸ™‚


    1. I’m sure that must be a man thing. I looked around the supermarket and it was funny to see so many guys sighing as their wives told them off for doing it wrong!

  2. awww so cute. I love the way our animals talk today you should visit my blog on what do we do when we die and leave behind our pets?

    1. Well, I was going to moan about barking dogs but since we have 2 lovely barkers of our own I didn’t want to rock the boat on that subject! I do like to let them have a quick bark now and then as that’s what dogs do, but then they’re ushered inside. Unlike some of the neighbours dogs that stand outside in all weathers barking away, don’t their vocal chords get strained? And even then when one stops another one starts! Damn dogs!

  3. I am sorry about your bad mood but then I’m happy because you were funny about it and gave me a good laugh!

    As for the doggies, nope, barking for them is like talking for us, our vocal chords don’t get strained from talking πŸ™‚

    1. I’m happy to say that I’m happy now! We’ve just had a gorgeous meal of quesadilla’s and nachos and talking about horror movies! Now I’m set for a few hours writing as I’ve not done any for a few days!

    1. That could be it! The last few days have been quite busy and when I try and grab a few hours to hang out with my imaginary characters something snatches away my free time! Even tonight has been a drama so tomorrow I’m booking some solid writing time! Woop!

  4. AMEN to all of the above!! Glad you are feeling a little better, venting does help doesn’t it? πŸ™‚ here is a hug to make you feel even better anyways xoxo

  5. Seems like your greatest need was for some “me” time – some TLC. Glad you’re feeling better πŸ™‚

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