Photo Montage #1

Since I’m posting a lot of photos at the moment it seemed like a good idea to put them in some sort of order. I’m still lovin’ my Nokia N8 and I’m snapping away like a mad thing! I’m taking some crackin’ photos, check em out!

Funky VW Thingy!

Funky VW ThingyI’ve been giving some serious thought to having a cover up job done on the tattoo I had when I was 18. So far I have a large library of images and ideas on the new tatt. I want it to be based around the elements, earth, air, fire & water, but I can’t seem to create a good design. I have the image in my head but translating that to paper is hard.I’m planning to get the cover up done for my birthday in May and I’m so looking forward to it!

So I drove down to the tattoo studio to have a chat with the tatt guru, sadly he was busy so I’ll call back another day. On my way out I happened to spot this amazing car tucked away behind a bunch of rusting VW camper vans. It has a VW badge on the front but I’ve no idea what it is, looks ace though!

Funky VW Camper Van!

VW Camper VanI couldn’t stop taking photos of this thing! I’ve been quite fascinated at how many of these strange vehicles are still knocking around the streets, many of them customised, but this one seemed a bit uncared for. The interior was cool though, TV sets, plush seats (kind of) and a table and chairs…even a fridge in the back!

For some reason the car park around this part of the industrial estate was filled with VW Camper Vans, some were nothing more than wrecks, others seem to be part way through customisation.


Yellow fieldsFor years I’ve been driving along the same stretch of road on a daily basis. In the spring many fields around the village have a short existence growing rape seed. It’s quite a sight to see massive seas of bright yellow flowers stretching out across the green landscape.

Yesterday I pulled over and took a bunch of photos, this one being my favourite. I’m actually using it as my desktop wallpaper at the moment. The contrast between the blue sky, green stalks and yellow flowers was quite a vivid mixture of summer colour, let alone April! We’re experiencing something of a mini heat wave in the east of England at the moment – top banana!


I can’t have a photo montage without including some doggy pics!


7 thoughts on “Photo Montage #1

  1. LOL! It’s not so much motivation as stopping to take those pics I’ve wanted to take for years, so more like a kind of revenge on the landscape for making me want to photograph it!

    “There, it’s done! Hey, landscape, I’m talking to you, are you happy now?”

  2. Hi Noob I’m surprised that camper van would make it over the speed bumps! the skirts is so low.

    My favourite picture has to be “Yellowness”
    I’m not fond of Rapeseed it always makes my nose itch and then it makes me sneeze. I can smell it from miles away…think I ahve some allergy to it 😦

    Doggie photos are always cute 🙂

    1. Every few years I get hayfever to the point where I want scratch my eyes out to stop them from itching. Thankfully I wondered up and down that track for 30mins snapping away without any sneezing. 😀

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