Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Here in very sunny Cambridge there’s plenty of blossom on the trees but I have yet to take a decent photo  for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring,so I thought I’d post one I took years ago that captured Spring pretty well.

It was taken sometime in April. I’d just got a new phone and was eager to test out the camera. Taking a walk in a park near Cambridge city centre I saw a sign post on a bin that said “No Fishing in Lake.” In the bin was a fishing net! I guess someone hoped to catch a few tiddlers but dropped their net in the handy bin when they saw the sign!

Gone Fishin'


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

  1. I do like fish, but I prefer them in breadcrumbs or batter rather than wriggling at the bottom of a net, so no, I’m not a big fan of catching fishes other than catching them from the fish n chip shop!

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