Red Nose Day!

Do something funny for money!

Red Nose day is coming!

Comic Relief is a major charity based in the UK which strives to create a just world free from poverty. The charity has been running for 25 years and has provided help to countless people all across Africa and for the less priviledged here in the UK.

Chris Moyles – Broadcast Marathon!

Chris Moyles
Chris Moyles

I’m a regular listener of Radio 1’s Chris Moyles show and to raise money for Comic Relief the funtastic DJ took up the challenge of doing the longest Radio One broadcast – a 37 hour marathon!

As I write this the time is 9:43am on Thursday 17th March and Chris has been on the air for 27 hours and 13 minutes and has so far raised £485,000! WoW!

To donate £1 to this amazing charity you can text CHRIS to 71100.

You can help this charity in small ways such as buying a Red Nose from Sainsbury’s supermarkets. They look pretty cool this year too!

Red Nose Day 2011!



4 thoughts on “Red Nose Day!

  1. We’ve also been able to watch chris moyles live on the tv aswell. Strangely addictive. As of 8:55 now the 18th they’ve raised 1.8 million pounds.

  2. Hey Tim! Welcome! Hehe, I’m watching it on my PC now. £1.8m! I’ve listened to Chris Moyles for years and watched the show via the red button, on the radio in the car and online. Sadly I fell asleep at 3 this morning for a few hours!

    I lost count of how many times I texted in to donate £1, well worth it for that amount of entertainment!

  3. Red Nose isn’t an annual event, I think it runs every 2-3 years. I suppose that gives the public time to build up interest for the next fundraiser.

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