Snow…this ain’t snow!!

This ain't real snow! You can still see the road!
This ain't real snow! You can still see the road!

A few years ago we had a few inches of snow in England and a bunch of people got trapped on a motorway, cars stuck in the snow, police dashing around making sure everyone was ok, and lots of reporters thrusting mic’s in people faces asking silly questions.

And those poor stranded folks were very eager to offer their irrelevant comments: “I’ve been stuck in my car for 1 hour – We had no warning at all – Where am I?.” And so on.

Eventually the camera shifts focus to a red faced lady who was smiling broadly. When the reporter asked what the lady thought of the snow, she replied that she found it all pretty amusing. She was visiting from Russia, Moscow if I recall correctly, and she found the situation laughable. Here we have a few inches of snow and the entire country goes mental – as a nation we stop functioning! Schools close, traffic grinds to a halt, people moan and complain as if seeking to find someone  responsible for the bad weather. Yet this Russian lady found it hilarious as she explained that in parts of Europe they have snow not measured in inches but feet, or metres as our metric main land friends use!!

And so we move onto the recent flurry of short lived snow here in the UK. I call it snow as it is crystallised water that falls from the sky, but it’s not really snow snow. Real snow is thick and luxurious, landscapes swathed in blankets of the stuff, not this crap that falls over the UK that turns to dirty black slush and vanishes in a day or two.

I don’t really want to start with the phrase: “When I was a lad…” as it makes me appear old, wrapped in a brown cardigan and shuffling about in my slippers. However, back in the late 80’s early 90’s we had some nasty snow, deep enough to reach the tips on my tyres on my mountain bike at least, but even that doesn’t compare to the madness that gripped the UK back in the late 1960’s, 67 or 68 i think. I’ve seen old clips of men shovelling endless roads to let funny old cars through, great mountains of the stuff heaped by the side of the road. And that stuff hung around for months, not just a couple of days.

Now that's what you call SNOW!!
Now that's what you call SNOW!!

Look at that lot! Yes that it is a double decker bus stuck in the snow. That white stuff is where the road is supposed to be! So next time you see people complaining about the snow you can take a moment to reflect on a few things: 1) Yes it’s a pain and we’re not used to it here in Blighty, so any snow is problemaic. 2) We have it easy compared the glorious olden days where the weather really seemed to hate us Brits. 3) Smile, it’s only snow!

No one is to blame, it’s called weather, look it up! If you get stuck in your car  and believe you have something to complain about, think again, there are weather warnings all the time. You should have made sure you had warm clothing, a fully charged/credited mobile phone and also the foresight to judge if you really need to leave the house at all!

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