WoWcraft: Druid Powa!

World of Warcraft apathy had overcome me back in January. After a couple of years immersed in the vibrant virtual world I'd taken a short break and tried to go Horde, but it just didn't feel right. I gave up. Tried AION which was nice but lacked something. So I played PS3 instead, high quality [...]

WoWcraft: Can You Ever Go Back?

I'm four bars from dinging 70. I should be happy, right Or at least vaguely satisfied. It's a milestone to be proud of surely? And then only 10 left to the big eight-oh. I've got a few other level 80 toons so it's nothing new. And what should make it more of a celebration is the fact that this [...]

King of Lichness 3 – World of WhybotherCraft!

I started playing World of Warcraft roughly 2 years ago with a 14 day trial version. I was instantly amazed with this virtual world. The design and feel of freedom to go anywhere and become anything you wanted was astounding. I encouraged a friend to start playing and together we set out on a journey [...]