My Life As A Writer

Writing is hard and easy. It is both a joy and agony. There are moments of jubilant dizziness, despair, comfort, anger, tears and laughter, sometimes all that same time. It is equal parts stressful and stress relieving. When not writing I yearn to be writing and sometimes when writing I crave to be anywhere but [...]

Just Beneath My Skin I’m Screaming

Linus King, or Lingus Dingus as his meagre collection of friends called him,stared at his journal. The empty pages mocked him. He was scared to put the nib of the pen against the paper because once he started he didn't know if he could stop. He fought against the urge scrawl words about the darkness [...]

Never enough time.

I read a lot. As an aspiring writer I find the world of fiction a fascinating place. Whilst fleshing out an idea into a feasible writing project I conducted come research into sleep and dreams. I wasn't quite so interested in the meaning behind dreams (although this was interesting) as the mechanics and research into [...]