Arcane Insane – Part 11

22.       Origins. Dark jagged teeth snatch at the air. People are screaming. She is going to die. It has all been for nothing. All she can see is a swirling mass of thick black fog and a man reaching out to save her. But she can't reach his hand. The blackness swallows her. She screams [...]

Arcane Insane – Part 10

20.       Unleashed. Janey was sat on a bench deep in thought when the explosions erupted around the park. She refused to believe Mojo was dead, yet with him gone there seemed little point in carrying on. She had set out to uncover the truth behind the jibb-jabba but without her friend and companion the reward [...]

Arcane Insane – Part 9

17.       Hobo Corner. With monumental effort Mojo climbed to his feet, barely able to keep his balance. Janey held out her hand but Mojo refused to take it. She couldn't believe how old he looked. Lank greasy hair fell around his face like seaweed. A ragged beard failed to conceal how sunken and hollow his [...]