Happy Sunny Beach Time!

Went to the beach today, a lovely place called Wells-next-the-Sea in North Norfolk. Talk about hot, you could have fried an egg on the sand...well, not that anyone was, but there were plenty of barbecue smells wafting across the beach! I took some happy colourful photos for you to enjoy! We found a spot out [...]

10 Things I hate about other drivers.

Other drivers suck! I got my driving license late in life even though I had driven a considerable amount throughout my life, driving with friends and family for the most part. I think of myself as a good driver, strangely I haven't instantly forgotten everything I was taught like the moment I left school. I [...]

Learning To Drive

It's been a month since I passed my driving test and got my license and I've learned a lot more than I expected. I had considered doing a series of ongoing posts during my driving sessions right up to my test day but I figured it wouldn't make very interesting reading. Instead, after some thought, [...]