NEW World of Warcraft Monopoly!

Back in December 2010 I created a Monopoly board based on World of Warcraft (WoW), a game I was very into at the time. Click this thing to go take a look at it. It’s probably more than a little nerdy to spend so much time crafting a board about a game, especially for a game that’s also considered nerdy. Aside from writing I love graphic design projects like these, they’re relaxing and rewarding.

After I’d posted my article I put the finished design on deviantArt along with a complete set of Title Deed cards, money, Chance & Community Chest sets. I figured someone might enjoy them as much I did creating them. Funny thing is that every often my visitor stats go berserk for a couple of days as a few thousand people come to my blog to look at the monopoly board I designed. This increased dramatically when Blizzard, the creators of World of Warcraft, announced they were launching a Monopoly board game of their own.

Surge in Stats!

In February, 2012 I received over 11,000 visits just from people looking at my WoW Monopoly board! I was shocked. I guess since my own creation had been picked up by search engines it was going to get a lot of attention. A few days ago, Wednesday 20th June, I had another rush of visitors, just and a thousand, most of which were popping by to peek at the monopoly board again.

This got me thinking. I’ve had a lot of emails from people asking where they can buy my WoW board from. I reply and say you can’t buy it, but Blizzard now have their own. Some reply and say they prefer mine, and a few have left comments saying how much they like by board.

My Challenge.

I rooted around in my files, dug out my board and set to work on an upgrade. I had a look at Blizzard’s board, it was pretty good, it had to be coming from such a big company.Β  I set myself a challenge – to revamp my board and bring the quality of graphics and design as close to that of the official one. Whilst I don’t have oodles of money to spend on design staff with art degrees, or a hugely powerful PC with fancy graphic design software, I think I’ve done an okay job with this new one.

So, take a look for yourself. It’s a bit different to the one back in 2010, the places are clearer and sharper. The graphics are better too, and I’ve added a few extra details to the lettering, shadow effects, embossed and so on. The image is 4mb in size and 2000 x 2000 pixels.

Click the image below to take a look BIGGER!

World of Warcraft Monopoly board

I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I’ve kept the central image because it really captures the games essence. I removed the parchment effect and used a cleaner looking graphic. Some of the icons have been changed too for a neater look. Overall it looks cleaner and brighter than my previous version. From start to finish this one took about 5-6 hours to complete. I did a bit every night for about a week whilst watching Family Guy.

I’ve seen a few other boards designed by enthusiasts and they don’t match up to mine. Apologies if that sounds big-headed but it’s the truth. Well, apart from the official one, which looks okay, I guess. I don’t like their font style or colours for the fonts much, they look a bit plain.

Well there it is. Thought I’d share this little creation with you, dear blog reader, to show you that I’m not always writing! As for playing WoW itself, I still hang out with my druid now and then, run a few quests and soar about the sky.

So, let me know what you think!

30 thoughts on “NEW World of Warcraft Monopoly!

  1. Dave, Dave, Dave… you are missing an opportunity here. You should either contact WoW and let them know you ALREADY designed the game for them and they should cut you in or find someone to work with and create it. Obviously your board has some interest already among fans, and as a fan/player yourself, who better to create the Monopoly version?! πŸ™‚

    1. I did email Blizzard about 6 months ago saying that I’d designed a Monopoly board. No reply. I figure they were probably already in the design stages of their own official board. I do wonder if they bothered running their design by fans before offering them something they possibly didn’t want.

      Still, it’s a nice to switch off from writing for a few days, doing all the graphic stuff gives my brain a chance to recharge. Nice to hear from you though!!

  2. Oh now I feel really old!! I’ve never heard of it, so I’ve googled it and understand a bit more…and if my opinion counts for anything I reckon you’ve got a winner there. You’ve put so much work into it…it just has to be commercially viable…get in touch with them again…don’t let the opportunity slide…honestly it’s amazing what you’ve done..I’m really impressed. PS mentioned you in my blog today!

    1. Aww thanks! I have emailed Blizzard just to see what their reaction is. I know that Hasbro don’t take unsolicited designs and I’d need to find a Toy Agent which seems like it could involve more money than I have. After doing some research it looks like I’d have to make a good prototype, a bit like sending a book to an agent, but where writing is free, printing costs can be quite expensive. I’ll keep trying though, maybe something will come of it!

      Ooh, thanks for the mention! I’ll be leaving a reply!

      Interesting topic about writing, folks, if you fancy a read hop on over to TakingSnaps:

    1. Thank you! It was a very relaxing project. Kinda makes me want to keep it up but it can be quite time consuming so I keep ideas tucked away ready for the next one.

  3. Hello! I’m french and i love your monopoly WOW! I want it! lol
    Really it’s nice work.
    (Sorry for my bad english)
    but I wondered why Shattrath was not present? I think it would be even better now if Dalaran and Shattrath was both blue (most expensive)
    πŸ˜€ Congratulation

    1. Thanks! I was tempted with Shattrath but since my very first character was a Night Elf I fell in love with Darnassus, so it will always be my favourite city in WoW. Dalaran is pretty fine too, maybe if I do another I’ll place that on the most expensive plot!

      1. Hello ! Thanks for your response !
        Since I saw your monopoly wow, I decided to create one for my little brother. However, the choice of the compartment corresponding him not, I’m part of your work and I reworked and fully realized … look the result ->
        Thanks for all
        P.S : I hope you’re not angry :$

            1. I used to use Macromedia Fireworks then moved to Photoshop. It takes a fair bit of planning, getting the right images together and layout out the board. I’d say the two Warcraft boards took about 10 hours each to make.

    1. I made the Warcraft board as I was a big player at the time, not so much these days due to work, but I still pop on every so often. I was thinking of doing a new zombie one to see how that goes.

  4. Hello, I just love your board, I was sad when I found out that it wasn’t official and I couldn’t buy it. I was wondering though. I have a project for University, where I have to make a monopoly game in C++ and was wondering if I could use your board and cards, with the proper references, of course.

  5. Hi I really like your board, to be honest and I hope you don’t mind, I printed it to play with my wife and friends. But now that I have it printed I wonder what are the rules of the game?
    Im from Mexico and i apologuize for my bad english.

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