Doggy reflection chasing!

After taking a bunch of photos with my new phone I was looking around for places to put the camera through its paces. Our dog, Tilly, might look fully grown but she’s only 9 months old and still very puppy like. I watched her standing in the kitchen staring into space, but suddenly she jerked her head around. She was chasing the dust motes that swirled in the afternoon sunlight streaming through the back door.

It turns out that she’s quite mad for chasing reflections too!

I caught the sun on my watch, hit video capture on my phone and watched her chase the reflection across the kitchen floor, frantically trying to catch it! I showed the video to the kids who suggested I upload it to YouTube. So that’s what I’ve just done! The first video I’ve ever put on YouTube so I’m not sure if it’s worked ok.

If you can’t see the video below here is the address:

6 thoughts on “Doggy reflection chasing!

  1. Hi Noobcake, He certainly was having a good time chasing the reflection.

    My cat Talia tries to chase reflections on the wall and not just on the floor. I have to be careful because she wouldn`t hesitate to jump at them. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Rose, I had a cat in my teens and he was the same and used to make this kind of half meow thing as if he was trying to vent his frustration at not catching the reflection.

  3. Funny, my cats never seem interested in reflections but when I had my dogs, they always went nuts!

    Very sweet dogs, both of them. I miss having a dog so I enjoyed watching yours.

    Also, what phone do you have? Mine sure as heck does not take photo or video that good.

  4. Hi Indigo – love the name btw! My shiny new phone is a Nokia N8. I’m lovin it loads, takes 12megapixel photos and has a proper flash, not just one of those LED thingies. It captures video at 720p HD which look really amazing on the big tv in our living room.

    It’s got lots of other apps and all that stuff that I don’t really go in for, oh and it makes telephone calls too!

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