The Tandem Story

About 6 months ago I was idly browsing a funny pictures site because I had a lot to do that day and didn't want to get started on any of it. I was locked into that weird semi-hypnotic state of: scroll page, click funny picture, chuckle, scroll page, scroll page, click next (4 of 8,982) [...]

How I write

I once read Stephen King's book titled "On Writing" and found it incredibly fascinating. He takes the reader on a tour of his childhood and inside his mental writing toolbox, all in gloriously rich description that keeps your eyes moving along the words.  I considered that most writers must have a similar writing process or [...]

Why I write

In the world of technology one should never forget the humble pen and paper. There is a lot to be gained from putting your thoughts onto paper compared to a PC. We seem to have a connection with our machines but pen and paper provides a much more intimate feel. I find it fascinating how [...]