Weekend Writing Prompt #13 & NaNoWriMo Tips!

With NaNoWriMo 2017 about to be unleashed, it’s time to flex that creative membrane and get ready for the wordathon!

Never heard of National Novel Writing Month? Go take a look by clicking this link https://nanowrimo.org/how-it-works and see if it’s for you.

I’ve participated 3 times before. It can be quite stressful, more so if you’re flying solo (unless that’s your bag of course) but it’s ace fun if you join other writers, either online or in person. Yup, that’s right, merry bands of writer groups pop up at this time of year, for fun chat and banter along with encouraging some quality frenzied word crunching!

Have you got an idea of what your 50,000 word novel is about? Do you have a beginning? Or perhaps an ending, but nothing else? Sometimes it’s easier to work back from an end and arrive at a start that makes sense, than panic and stress trying to find an opening gambit that may or may not link with your ending.

My last go was in 2013, and even though I’m not taking part this year I figured I could at least share some wisdom with a selection of previous posts that may help inspire.

NaNoWriMo – Winning & Excerpt from The Survivors

This post from November 2012 was based on the pros and cons of writing by the seat of your pants v having a planned structure. I also included a chapter from my 50k effort, Survivors, called Diablo Pro.

The funny thing is that I never continued with that writing project. It had sat, unloved, but not forgotten. I have used a few chapters for my new novel, The Holt, and the above mentioned chapter will feature (in a somewhat adjusted state) in the third novel of the Bloodwalker Legacy series, The Retreat.

Even if you finish and consider what you’ve written to be garbage (I know parts of my entries were!) there’s a chance you’ll come back to that turd and pick out the gems.

NaNoWriMo – What’s your Go To writing food?

I loved this post! It was about making sure you’re well nourished during your writing marathon. Your writing area can be laden with coffee, protein shakes, choccies and candy, even music. But you should never forget the importance of being well fed.

Here I share my gorgeous pea and ham soup recipe. If you’re looking for soul food to nurse you through those tricky writing blues, I heartily recommend trying this scrummy dish!

NaNoWriMo – Relax & Float Down Stream

Here I use The Beatles song, Tomorrow Never Knows, to illustrate how to make a zen like approach to NaNoWriMo.

It’s all about going with the flow, using your intuition and listening to your heart when you’re writing.

NaNoWriMo – Embrace the Icky Sticky!
Whether you’re a seasoned writer or a NoWriMo virgin, sooner or later you’ll probably reach a point I call The Lifeless River Bed of Despondency and Meh.

This is where the initial adrenaline rush has driven your Storymobile across the rich and vivid fictional landscape only to find it splutter and grind to a halt. Why does this happen?

Learn to embrace those meh moments and make them work for you!

NaNo is just a jumping off point!

Don’t worry about whether or not you’ll finish your novel in November. NaNoWriMo isn’t really about that. It’s about getting started and making sure you drag the words out of your noggin and onto the page/screen.

November is about the start.

It’s a chance to extract that story that may have been kicking around inside your mind for years.

I won’t participating this year – too much stuff going on.

So best of luck!

Write your brains out!


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