Writing Prompt Friday #11

Do zombies poo? Given the amount of stuff zombies cram into their mouths, it’s got to go somewhere, right?

Given the amount of stuff zombies cram into their mouths, it’s got to go somewhere, right?

If we’re talking actual dead zombies, not the alive but freakishly pissed off 28 Days Later style, then the internal organs of a zombie no longer work. That means stuff inside is rotting away instead of being digested. That’s why you’ll never see a zombie taking a shit.

If you keep jamming meat into a dead body, forcing it in there, packing it nice and tight, eventually something will give. Things will stretch, rip and pop.

My understanding of the body is that digestion is reliant on the body being alive, from stomach acids breaking food apart, to intestines turning it into shit. Imagine none of that happening. It would be like filling a condom with Ragu sauce until it bursts.

Then instead of the zombie churning out a lengthy, if very solid, meaty turd, the entire lot would distend, stretching the skin until it tore, with the contents either seeping out like a weeping wound or bursting like a zit from the pressure of built up gasses and such like.


…you consider the comedic route of a zombie story, a little like the somewhat cheap, silly and vaguely entertaining US sitcom I, Zombie that enjoys ripping off plot and indeed characters straight from Buffy.

It’s funny how most zombies on TV/movies are simply rotting away, in a nice easy manner. I don’t recall seeing entire hordes of the undead with swollen or distended torsos after bingeing on every human they can find for days and weeks on end.

Where are all the burst stomachs with poo and entrails and rotting meat spilling out?

Zombies are gross enough already, but they could be grosser.

Who’s with me?


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