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The Skank Plague

Yesterday when I popped into Cambridge to buy a pair of jeans I noticed the Skank Level was dangerously high. I’m well aware that this historic city is home to a plethora of different people, from rich overseas students and tourists to locals and the toffs from wealthy families. The streets are awash with a rich variety of interesting, beautiful, colourful and exotic people. But this does not include The Skank.

The volume of Skanks was particularly high this weekend. Or maybe I’ve only recently noticed it. Either way it made me feel itchy. Back in January 2012 I wrote a piece about a Scrubbers – Chav, aka The Scrubber, and whilst Skank’s do share some similarities with their Scrubber brethren, they do have some subtle differences.

I haven’t had a rant for a while so brace yourself. And before I get started I should point out that I know I’m generalizing here, and there will always be people who aren’t Skanky, but appear that way, which if you think about it is pretty much the same thing. In today’s society image is everything, so looking like a Skank gives people the impression you are one.

What is a Skank?

Urban Dictionary has this to say:

“Derogatory term for a (usually younger) female, implying trashiness or tackiness, lower-class status, poor hygiene, flakiness, and a scrawny, pockmarked sort of ugliness. May also imply promiscuity, but not necessarily. Can apply to any race, but most commonly used to describe white trash.
You know that girl Crystal that lives in the trailer park? She’s a total skank.”

If you want to know what a Skank is simply Google it. You’ll get the idea. Skanks, like Scrubbers, are the dregs of society. The equivalent of that eye mucus you get when you wake up.

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Something wonderfull has arrived!!!

The wonderfullness has arrived! It came today! The best painting in the entire world! My very own print of Courageous by Christina Deubel came in the post all the way from the US. I could not be happier right now! A huge HUGE thank you goes out to Christina…massive…we’re talking hooj here! I had to take a quick photo and post it up with my cheesy grin, yeah I know, not the best photo taken but hey, I’m happy!

Courageous by Christina Deubel

Happiness multiplied by Infinity!!

I can’t wait to get the print into a decent frame, I’m thinking pale pine or ash, nothing too bold so the colours come right out at you. I’ll have to wait till the end of the month now to get one as I’m already strapped for cash so short after pay-day. But when it’s up there I’ll take some good shots and post them right here.

I’m a big fan of Christina Deubel’s work, she’s an amazing artist, I can’t praise her stuff more. I especially like her expressionist pieces – such wonder and beauty! I’ve never been so captivated by a painting. It is unbelievably beautiful and inspiring. I urge you, dear blog reader, to go check out Christina’s website – In The Depths.

I didn’t want to roll it back up and put it safely away. Part of me wanted to blu-tac it to the wall and just gaze at it, but I know that would be so very bad. I could never cheapen such a beautiful piece of art like this with nothing less than a carefully chosen frame.

Christina, I deeply thank you for this. I will cherish it always.


Frozen fingers crack. Spring thaw awakens.

Winter’s chill fades. Flowers bloom anew.

Wheat fields rise. Crooked figures creak.

Green shoots climb amongst eager limbs.

A murder of crows. Pecking. Jabbing.

Lifeless eyes patiently bide their time.


Breaking free from tormented ice shackles.

Flora and fauna. Bone and sinew.

Oppressive dark skies expose hungry mouths.

Wary rabbits avoid their tainted playground.

Through mist laden fields something stirs.

Nature watches unnatural rebirth. Haunted groans.


Long time dead. Rising once again.

Fading chill unlocks terror and beauty.

Flourish and stagger. Elegance meets dread.

Armies of buds, blooms and blossoms.

Cannot hold the revenants at bay.

Husks march through the fading mist.


Silent world greets rot and ruin.

Weeds burst through a concrete jungle.

Mother nature slowly reclaims stolen ground.

Creatures go in search of food.

Furry paws, feathered wings, demon mouths.

Decaying predators roam. Nature’s magic pursues.


Spring bows out. Summer slips in.

Twisting vines enslave slow plodding feet.

From Winter escape to Summer’s cell.

Trapped in webs of nature’s force.

Entombed in statues of dazzling green.

Returned to earth. Rest in peace.

This poem was inspired by Indigo Spider’s Spring Poem Competition. The theme was Spring and a poll will be on display from the 4th April, closing on 10th April. The winner will receive a painting from Christina Deubel, a painting inspired by one of the the poems submitted that wins the poll! Even if you don’t enter you should check out her blog and her amazing art work! Stunning stuff indeed!

Since I’m on a roll with the editing of my novel, The Range, I couldn’t help but keep this poem themed around the events of the story. It shows that any undead or zombie plague will eventually be trapped, frozen solid by winter. And yet as spring thaws out the army of ghouls mother nature has a few tricks up her sleeve to redress the balance by blanketing the wandering nasties with a riot of weeds and foliage and dragging them back into the ground.

My poem is an extension of the Twitter stream #sixwords where Tweeters use only six words to Tweet. My take on #sixwords is to use 6 words per line and 6 lines per stave. It’s been fun working out the best use of words to convey the feel of the poem.