Kitchen Table Project – Pumpkin Pie & Desperation!

Following the surprising response from my first Kitchen Table Project I thought I’d continue this strange subject with a couple more pics of my kitchen table. But before I do I’d like to invite you, dear blog reader, to post photo’s of your kitchen table and share a story or two of what the “stuff” on it says about you.

Think of it as telling a story without having to think about plots and characters and all that malarkey.

So what do you need to do?

Simply post a photo of your kitchen table, share your thoughts about it, then link it to this post.

If there’s any success I’ll see about running a weekly post for folk to share tales of their kitchen table adventures!

Pumpkin Pie. Mmmm. Yummy right?

Um. No.

I’ve had pumpkin pie before and it was heavenly. However I made a slight error and forgot to blend the ingredients. Even though the taste was spot on the texture was quite awful! The pumpkin was still quite stringy and chewy but soft and squishy on the next bite. And yes, that is a pre-made pastry case bought from the store! I pride myself on being a pretty good cook but when it comes to things like pies I don’t have much luck with pastry.

Before you ask, the burger didn’t go in the pie either. That is in fact a shiny new apparently indestructible dog chew toy for our lovely dog Tilly the Ninja who can chew through titanium given enough time. We also made pumpkin soup, and although I tried a spoonful it wasn’t what I expected and certainly not as good as my chunky minty pea and ham soup. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

Try to ignore the dirty tea towel! A few minutes before I took this photo, our beautiful dog Ben decided that a mug of tea that had been sat unsupped on the table for far too long was up for grabs. He bounced onto the chair and started lapping away. Given his enthusiasm for tea, and his wide tongue, he made quite a mess. Needless to say I had to mop it up and make another for the hard worker.

Oh, and ignore the plea for help too! That’s just a joke and in no circumstances was anyone forced to work hard for their presentation under the threat of: “No more tea till you’ve rehearsed your speech!”

So that’s it for today, our kitchen table awaits its next adventure!

What tales does your kitchen table have to tell?

Post photos of your kitchen table and link back to this post!

4 thoughts on “Kitchen Table Project – Pumpkin Pie & Desperation!

  1. Pumpkin pie is new to me… I can’t decide how I feel about it yet. I love anything pumpkin, but pumpkin pie…? I get the feeling there is next to nothing or precisely nothing pumpkin about it, but I could be wrong, yes?

    1. Well you’re kind of right. There isn’t a whole lot of pumpkin flavour in it because cinnamon, spices, nutmeg and ginger tend to be the main aromas. The pumpkin itself, properly blended, unlike mine, is there for the texture and consistency more than anything. I much prefer Bailey’s chocolate cheesecake any day!

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