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Writing Tips Wednesday – Are you a Story Teller?

Every Wednesday I’ll be sharing some hints and tips about how to improve your writing. These are basic things I have learned over the years, from writers websites, published authors and constructive feedback from friends, family and online pals.

There is an argument that fiction writing cannot be taught because it comes from talent alone, it is in your nature to be creative. Whilst there is some truth in that, even the most creative person needs to learn how to use their ability and make the best of their craft.

This week: Is story telling in your heart and soul?

This weeks topic is about the essence of story telling. Telling a story is an art from. To some degree you can learn the nuts and bolts of how to arrange a plot or create believable characters, but to tell a story that captivates your audience requires much more than mere mechanics. In my experience the tools every good story-teller uses don’t come from a book, they come from within. The story-teller can dip into their imagination bucket and throw words across a page, creating vivid scenes the reader will want to keep in their memory long after the story has ended.

In days of old.

I remember reading books in primary school where shepherds would guard their flocks in the dead of night and tell tales to one another. They were often accompanied with illustrations, typical ye olde worlde shepherds gathered around a fire or lantern. Beards, long cloaks, stars twinkling in the sky, crooks resting nearby, you get the idea. There was always one set apart from the group, the story-teller. The expressions on the faces of his audience showed how captivated they were by the story-teller.

The story-teller span yarns based around superstition or rumour and there was usually a moral or two behind the story. Whatever the basis of the story, one thing stuck with me, the fact that the story teller was compelled to tell their story.

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