Daily Archives: October 21, 2011

Buddha Rocks Project Day 6: Floopy

Guard duty versus infinite weariness. Snore.

Lazy ears. Lazy eyes. Nap time.

Alert yet floopy. Snuggled and cosy.

Long days sniffing, panting, licking, chasing.

Leave a message at the snooze.

My bouncy tail will return. Woof.

If you want to join in the Buddha Rocks Project here are the rules: 7 days of posts. 1 per day. These are inspired by 7 pictures. The pictures are chosen from BuddhaRocks  a funky dude who has a vast army of photo’s on his deviantArt blog.

All you do is pick a pic and post it on your blog and then TELL Evelyn  – who started the Buddha Rocks Project. Post a comment on her blog or Tweet her @E_FillingaHole – so she knows you’re playing along. It’ll make her happy!

I’m hooked on the #sixwords thingy on Twitter so I’ve taken the #sixwords ethos and blended it with images from Buddharocks. 6 words per line. 6 lines per image. I’m lovin’ it!